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The duration of treatment depends on many factors, such as your individual tooth position and your cooperation regarding the wearing time, on average the alignment will last months.

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Signalmittelwerk fireworks and pyrotechnics , Hamburg. Stanzwerk wire pulling and stamping , Schleusingen. Manufacturer of rifles in Worcester, Massachusetts, c. Manufacturers of all types of sporting arms but best known for their early revolvers. Maschinenfabriken AG, Duderstadt plant, Westphalia. Hunter Arms Company Shotgun manufacturer who purchased the L. Smith shotgun, along with Hunter and Fulton branded guns.

Manufacturer of blackpowder and cartridge replica firearms in Marcheno, Italy. Interarms Importers and manufacturers of sporting arms, mid's in Alexandria, Virgin.

Louis Missouri on revolvers by Hood, Firearms, c. In the firm moved to Finchburg, Massachusetts. Abbreviation and trade name of J. Anschutz Germaniawaffenfabrik on rifles and revolvers. Landmann, manufacturer of rifles in Holstein, West Germany, c. Mechanik, Herborn, Dillkreis, Germany.

Leigoise d'Armes a Feu Roba et Cie. Also used on pistols made by Robar et Cie. Mac nenfabrik, Budapest, Hungary. Taschenfabrik, Karl Heinichen, Dresden, Germany. Munitionsfabriken AG, Budapest, Hungary. Manufacture Nationale d'Armes, Chatellerault, France. Handguns made by Menz, August and Arizmendi, Francisco bear this name. Metallwerke GmbH, Skarzysko Kamienna. Tradename used by E. Tryon Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on revolvers and shotguns. Designer of Tacoma, Washington who submitted a pistol to the United States test.

Manufacturer of the Baby Hammerless type revolvers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, c. Krieghoff, Heinrich Manufacturer of military and sporting c. Handels AG, Budapest, Hungary. Gun Company Manufactured military style firearms with surplus parts and new or rewelded receivers, c.

Assets purchased by Springfield Armoury, Geneseo, Illinois. German Landespolizei Zoll-Amt proof, usually over an eagle and city name. Abbreviations translate as Customs Police, and was used in the Weimer era. Also made by Husqvarna in Sweden.

Manufacturers of sporting arms, best known for big game hunting pistols. In became D. In was purchased by Ithaca Gun Company. Operated in San Francisco, California until Also used by an unknown Spanish company.

Manutacturer of military arms. Lovell Arms Company c. Established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In about moved to Denver, Colorado, and became J. Lower's Sons about The name is generally associated with all P. O8 pistols in vented by Georg Luger , however, the name is copyrighted by Stoeger. Optique et Precision de Levallois, Levallois Paris. About became American Standard Tool Company.

Manufacturer of several models of Walther firearms. Tradename on Belgian shotguns, c. Before then was Joseph Manton, established Maintained a Calcutta, India branch, c. Manufactura de Armas de Fuego Guernica, Spain, Reputed to be the name of Alkartasuna q. In they made Game Getter rifles and shotguns. Made sporting and military arms including Ballard rifles and L.

MB Date code on German M98 rifles with swv marks signifying that it was made in late early Meriden Ffrearms Company Meriden, Connecticut, c. In the company became Hulbert Bros.

Tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware of St. Louis on shotguns made by Crrescent Fire Arms Company. Before that was Oscar F. II German ordnance code assigned to Metallwerk K. Leibfried, Boblingen, Sindelfingen plant. Bickenback, Neuss plant, Dusseldorf, Germany. Francaise d'Armes et Cycles Sporting arms manufacturer in St. Pistol Manufacturing Company, c. South EI Monte, California.

National Ordnance, Incorporated c. Its name at the start of production was Rochester Defense Corporation, and at the end of production the name changed to Commercial Controls Corporation. Navy Arms Manufacturer and importers of black powder and modern replica firearms, as well as the American version of the Mamba pistol in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Metallwerke GmbH, Tachenstocha plant. Gurein plant, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Tryon Company on revolvers made by J.

Rupertus Arms Company, c. The same name is also used by C. Neuhausen Pistol Term applied to the P. Tradename used by Charles J. In failed, and was reorganized in as Newton Rifle Corporation, which continued until Tradename on revolvers probably used by Norwich Falls Pistol Company, c. Numrich Arms Company manufacturers of sporting and blackpowder arms, machine guns, and parts. Present owners of Auto Ordnance Thompson submachine guns. Located in West Hurley, New York. Abbreviation for Ordnance Manufacturing Corporation, division of T.

Marketing in south EI Monte, California. Orbea Orbea Hermanos and Orbea y Cia. Ortgies Pistol manufacturers in Germany, c. In absorbed by Deutsche-Werke, Erfurt, Germany.

Abbreviation for Pretoria Arms Factory manufacturer of the Junior pocket pistol, c. Manufactured rifles and was purchased by J.

Meriden, Massachusetts, Shotgun makers, until being taken over by Remington Arms Company in Manufacturer of rifles and shotguns. Also known as Praha. Puccinelll Company Manufacturer and importer since Developer of the IAB shotgun. Imported into the United States until under many brand names. Reid Patent Revolvers Made for W. In moved to Ilion, New York and in became E. Company, and finally in again became Remington Arms Company.

Manufacturers of all types of sporting arms. Maschinenfabrik of Sommerda, Germany, c. Robar et du Kirhove Arms makers in Liege, Belgium starting about In became L. Rupertus, Jacob Also known as Rupertus Pat'd. Made various types of handguns in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Abbreviation for Sydney Manson Corporation, manufacturer of single-shot pistols in Alexandria, Virginia, c. Francaise des Munitions de Chasse et de Tir of St. Manufacturer of all types of sporting and military arms.

Reported out of business Now located in Eckenforde, West Germany. The firm is now in Westfield, Massachusetts and controls J.

In our functional Jet Safe system a spring mounted valve prevents the dripping. The valve finishes the water flow if the water pressure decreases, triggered by closing the battery below. Host - Thank you for your visit! Host is over and gave us the chance to introduce new products and ourselves as well to show you the competence of our company! We want to thank all of our business partners and visitors as well, for all the interest and time talking to us!

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with you! Best regards, Your Echtermann exhibition team. However, only a certified orthodontist can take your anamnesis. Our search allows you to find certified orthodontists in your area. Please find the typical treatment process below:. The thicknesses of the custom-made splints vary between 0. The duration of treatment depends on many factors, such as your individual tooth position and your cooperation regarding the wearing time, on average the alignment will last months.

You should always rinse your splints with water after wearing to avoid sediments and discoloration.

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