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A charge is a customs duty if it is proportionate to the value of the goods; if it is proportionate to the quantity, it is a charge having equivalent effect to a customs duty. I was questioning whether it means the other person is either online using anither app or on the phone?

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It's still easier to find Kölsch in the city, so Gose hasn't been restored to its former popularity, but the style is more secure today than it has been for any time in the last 50 years.

In a new brewpub opened in central Leipzig, which places great emphasis on the Gose it brews. It's so committed, to the style that it's even part of its name: This now supplies Ohne Bedenken and a few other pubs in the city.

Obviously the Andreas Schneider brewery got bitten by the Gose bug whilst brewing for Goldhahn, because it is the owner of the brewpub. Maybe it's just me, but I find it very amusing for a Bavarian-owned brewery to be brewing a non-Reinheitsgebot beer.

The good news just keeps coming: The beer is being brewed under contract for Adolf Goedecke, a descendant of the owners of the Rittergut Döllnitz. According to a text from , it was in the Rittergut that the only real Gose was brewed. This beer is also available in Ohne Bedenken and a few other outlets. Article about new Gose brewpub.

General article about Gose. For those of you who can read German, here are some more Gose links: Der Gose-Wanderweg von Leipzig nach Halle.

A very interesting guide to walks between Leipzig and Halle. It's underlying theme is Gose and it lists an impressive number of mostly country pubs serving the beer. Leipziger Gose A site dedicated to this very special beer. Bayerischer Bahnhof Leipziger Gose 5. At the end of the 19th century, when Gose was at the peak of its popularity, there were dozens of Gosenschenke in Leipzig. Ohne Bedenken belongs to this period, being built in in the suburb of Gohlis at a time when Leipzig was expanding rapidly in size.

It was for a decade the only pub in the world selling this legendary beer. The building was damaged in wartime air-raids, but struggled along until as a pub until After lying empty for a while, it became a Kulturzentrum for DDR soldiers in In a nearby polyclinic took it over for use by its X-ray department. When they left in the 's, the historic pub again remained unused for many years. An article, published in the local Leipziger Blätter newspaper in , evoking memories of Gose and Ohne Bedenken caught the attention of Lothar Goldhahn.

He visited the premises, saw their potential and decided Leipzig deserved to have at least one remnant of its Gose culture preserved. Somehow persuaded the DDR authorities to let him restore and re-open Ohne Bedenken in the mid 's.

It seemed logical that a Gosenschänke should offer its customers a Gose. This caused him two big problems: His first Gose, perfected after much research amongst older drinkers, was brewed in Berlin at the Schultheiss Berliner Weisse brewery. Obtaining a supply of Gose has never been an easy matter. Between and he had to make do with Berliner Weisse. From to Goldhahn ran his own small brewery, but the limited demand for Gose made this economically unviable.

The pub currently sells both of the Goses made in Leipzig and the world, for that matter. The interior has been restored to something akin to its original state and is stuffed full with Gose memorabilia in the form of old advertisements and bottles.

The style is similar to that of traditional beerhalls throughout Germany in its comfortable, uncomplicated design.

For those intimidated by the sourness of straight Gose, a selection of Gose cocktails are available. The combination of a traditional, cosy atmosphere and friendly, enthusiastic staff, make it by far the best pub I've found in Leipzig or, for that matter, anywhere in the old DDR. The only drawback is its inconvenient location, in a northern suburb about a kilometre and a half away from the city centre. If you don't fancy the walk, you can take a number 11 tram from the Hauptbahnhof.

Gasthof and Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof. Bayrischer Platz 1 Leipzig Tel. Considering that this was Leipzig's main station until the massive Hauptbahnhof was completed in , it's oddly difficult to find your way into this pub. It's quite a challenge picking your way through the wasteland of shrubs that shield it from the Bayrischer Platz.

Constructed in and supposedly the oldest terminal building still standing, it was badly damaged in the war, though continued in use during the DDR period. Left to rot through lack of funds, it was saved from threatened demolition by being listed as a monument Denkmalschutz in In Deutsche Bundesbahn sold the building to allow it to be restored and converted into a brewpub. The platforms are still used as an S-Bahn station though they are in such a state that you could be excused for thinking that they were disused.

As you would expect from a building that had been a major station, it's made a pretty decent-sized pub. Running parallel to the platform is a long thin room, which has the bar counter against one wall and the brewing equipment at the very end. Around the bar is an area of informal seating, from which you can appreciate some of the more whimsical design elements. Mounted in the bar is a DB station clock and the footrail for those seated on the sttols in front of it has been made from a piece of railway track.

Just inside the main entrance is what appears to be an old guard's van, which houses a single table. I was impressed by both the subtlety and ingenuity of the theming, if theming is what you can call it. There are further dining areas to the right of the entrance and function rooms on both the ground and first floors.

Outside is a beer garden. One of the most impressive features is a magnificent staircase, that you only pass through on the way to the toilets. A bit of a shame to miss it, so be sure to get enough beer down you to require a trip to the gents. The beers are all unfiltered. Obviously, the big attraction for the dedicated beer-tourist which I assume you probably are is the house-brewed Gose.

It's served in the correct tall, cylindrical glasses and can be ordered in all sorts of cocktail forms. One at least - Regenschirm, made with Kümmel cumin liqueur - has a long history, stretching back to the 19th century. I hate to say this about such a good beer or for that matter anything negative about such a laudable enterprise , but I don't think that it is totally authentic.

I've drunk Gose from three other breweries. Their beers were reasonably similar and, for me, of quite a different type to the Bahnhof's Gose.

Now it's possible that the reason for this is the Reinheitsgebot. I have the feeling that the others have stuck to it, and so have omitted the coriander and salt. Perhaps it's just the coriander aroma - so startling unusual in a German beer - has tricked me into thinking that it's a Belgian witbier. I would welcome anyone's comments on this subject. The other house beers are all outstanding examples of their styles. Their brewer is evidently a very skilled man.

The standard is as good as I have found in any new German brewpub. The Gose is available to take away in the traditional long-necked bottles a bit like cognac ones. However, a quick consultation with your financial advisor might be in order first: The label is, as far as I am aware, unique in listing coriander and salt amongst the ingredients, yet still calling the contents beer. This is usually a real no-no in Germany, where the Reinheitsgebot is still god.

As it turns out, The Reinheitsgebot doesn't only allow malt, hops and water as advertised. There are get-out clauses for top-fermented beers they can use sugar and beers deemed to be "local specialities" like Gose , which can use what the hell they like.

If you're interested in reading more of me slagging off the stupid German beer law, then look here Why the Reinheitsgebot is a load of old bollocks. Owned by the Andreas Schneider brewery of Weissenburg in Bavaria. Gottschedstr 15, Leipzig Tel. Doing the research for these pages can sometimes be a depressing experience.

Then there are other moments, when, just as you weren't expecting it, you stumble across something special. Sinfonie most definitely belongs to the lattter category of experiences. Located on the eastern edge of the city centre, it's a corner pub of a decent size, mostly done out in a modern, trendy way. I found it rather schizophrenic that there was a small side room with a completely different character. It had panelled walls, pine tables and, on closer inspection, an amount of Gose memorabilia scattered around.

I was soon to discover the reason for this odd combination of styles. I was there at a quiet time of day. I was making notes and drinking an excellent Gose, when I was approached by a man who politely asked what I was doing.

The face of the landlord, for this is who he was, lit up when I mentioned my interest in Gose. You can see a photo of it to the left. While showing me around he described the history of Gose with a good deal of knowledge, even mentioning the possible connection with Belgian gueuze.

He then proceded to highlight the faults of most of the recent recreations, demonstrating an outstanding appreciation of the characteristics of the style. The man's enthusiasm for Gose and the effort he had expended not only to serve the beer, but also recreate the atmosphere of the pubs that sold it a century ago, made a deep impression on me. It's only because of the energy and determination of such people that oddities like Gose continue to exist.

I urge you all to visit his pub and show him some support. The beer selection, especially in the spread of different styles, is most unusual for the city. And I can only concur with the landlord - the Döllnitzer Ritterguts is the best and most authentic Gose.

A Look here for a list of other outlets. I've had reports that this bar is being renovated and is not open for business. A bar specialising in vodka it stocks more than that also sells Leipziger Gose, hence its inclusion here. Brauerei an der Thomaskirche. Thomaskirchhof , Leipzig Tel. This brewpub is at once both easy and yet potentially tricky to find. You would need to be a master of disorientation to be unable to spot the Thomaskirche, a splendid church that is one of Leipzig's landmarks.

What causes the problem is the address: Don't be fooled, the pub is really on a square that forms an extension to the Markt. I can't help you out much with a description of the building, since that is as lacking in distiguishing features as most modern edifices. My best advice is to look for the fibre glass lion with a beermug in his hand. The Brauhaus is wonderfully schizophrenic. Most of it is a rustic Italian restaurant, where old bits of wooden farming kack are draped around the walls.

This forms the large section to the right of the entrance and there is another bit in this style behind the bar rambling back towards the kitchen. To your left on entering, is a much smaller area of high tables and stools. It's sandwiched between the tackily rural bar counter oh no, it's got a little tiled roof and the copper brewing vessels.

They are very strangely located basically in the front window. Maybe they want to make sure that you can see this really is a brewery. The use of natural materials - wooden furniture, tile floors - is pleasing, but the main room is far too bland and food-orientated for my taste. The "beer corner" - see the photo above - is much more comfortable, but of limited size I've managed to get about half of it in the picture.

I did find the staff and judging from the Italian I heard being spoken amongst them, a number genuinely are from Italy friendly and helpful, which always helps me leave a pub a happy man.

I didn't consider the beers to be anything to get excited about. The Dunkles was by far the better of the two. Perhaps the Pils was just having an off day. We are talking about very small-scale brewing here, so some variation is to be anticipated. There is the great advantage of the very central location - the Rathaus is within metres - to be taken into consideration.

For that reason alone, it would be on any pubcrawl I planned in the town centre. Barthels Hof, in a courtyard just off the Markt, has a long history stretching back to The current buildings date from and it reopened, after extensive renovation, in January In its current state, it's a whole complex containing a bar, restaurant and wine cellar.

There's obviously been a few bob spent on the interior which is deceptively simple, but makes use of top-quality materials. Strangely, there are many old advertising posters for Belgian beers scattered around the walls counterpointed by brass musical instruments. Classy, but not sterile, it shows how money invested in quality fittings is well spent.

The menu includes one meal with a schwarzbier sauce and there are several Saxon wines available. Klostergasse 5, Leipzig. The reunification of Germany gave Paulaner the chance, in , to reacquire their former Leipzig showcase.

Originally built as a bank, it was later a coffeehouse before it came into the hands of Paulaner in It was confiscated in and led a checkered existence in the DDR period.

Since taking it over, Paulaner have done their best to make it a beerhall in the Bavarian style - all white walls and scrubbed pine tables. A few old photos and newspaper cuttings, very sparsely scattered around the acres of wall space, are about the sum total of the decorations.

There are several rooms, with varying levels of poshness and beeriness. Rather than a single pub, it's actually a group of bars and restaurants that occupy about half of the street. Paulaner are unusual in having a string of pubs throughout the whole of Germany, usually offering a good range of their products and good-value food.

It was disappointing then, when this establishment first reopened, that the only two draught beers were Pils and Helles. I am very pleased that they now have a pretty full set of their brews on sale.

In particular, the Dunkles is good to see as it allows the opportunity to compare this typically Bavarian style of dark lager with Saxon Schwarzbier. This old wein- and bierkeller was built in the 's on the site of a pub which had been called Zill's since at least It has, with its horizontal wood panelling and ceiling vault, the appearance of an upturned boat.

It's restaurant pretensions leave with a slightly false, posh air. An extensive restoration in has left an interior that seems to retain few of its original features.

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For instance, when I send a message, I get the 2nd in like a second and other times it takes about 10 minutes? I was questioning whether it means the other person is either online using anither app or on the phone?

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