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Timeline of Strategic Aviation – 1944

These victories elevate McIntosh and Sutherland to ace status, ending the war with 8 and 7 victories, respectively. In reality, this bomber has not been converted to carry a Tallboy, which would necessitate the removal of its bombbay doors.

This aerodynamic design allows the bomb to spin toward its trajectory, improving accuracy and increasing speed. In doing so, the bomb hits the ground at approximately mph, detonating below the ground and maximizing its destructive potential through the resulting shockwave. They succeed in this endeavor by detonating a Tallboy some 60 ft below ground, collapsing the tunnel and effectively slowing German panzer reinforcements from reaching the Normandy area.

Chinese superstition often sees locals run in front of bombers on takeoff in attempt to ward off demons. Due to a combination of poor weather and training, it is later revealed that only a single bomb hit the primary target. Wolfe, Wolfe is rather summarily relieved of command on 6 July.

Although not recognized by the Japanese, Limber Dugan is the first B lost in aerial combat. APHRODITE is, in essence, an attempt to convert disused bomber aircraft into remote-controlled cruise missiles, the bombers being loaded with some 30, lb of torpex the equivalent of 60, lb of TNT. First is the wide disparity in progress between Great Britain and the US in the design and use of large-capacity bombs. British aircraft designer Barnes N. Wallis had achieved much success with the Tallboy 12, lb bomb whereas the US possessed neither bombs of similar size or aircraft capable of carrying such bombs.

It is hoped that a similar US cruise missile program could be used to alleviate some of these strategic pressures. A converted B drone. Roosevelt D-NY , was also involved on that operation. Spaatz to terminate the program on 27 January Allied intelligence officers inspect the captured Ju at RAF Woodbridge while an armed guard stands by.

Weather had hindered operations and caused many a strike to woefully lack in precision. Pathfinder aircraft — those bombers equipped with H2X radar — allowed for a more sustained offensive but could only do so at the cost of precision. Bomber pilots who had completed their tours-of-duty were given the opportunity to become fighter pilots, with each air division having a Scouting Force attached to a fighter group for training and protection.

In doing so, the scouting forces could call for course corrections and changes in target selection, with preference given to those targets with the clearest visibility. The new Scouting Forces prove to be a major success and remain in use for the rest of the war. This claim is often disputed as the crash is not caused by gunfire but evasive action. Having completed his tour-of-duty, Gabreski was not supposed to fly this day and is embarrassingly captured by the Germans after his accident.

This is typical of all US 8AF fighter aces. Hanke, navigator on Superstitious Aloysius , is killed by German civilians upon bailing out. Since the Soviet Union is still yet not at war with the Japanese Empire, the crew of the bomber is interned. Rickenbacker, fresh from a recent ditching in the South Pacific, innocently spoke of the bomber while on a goodwill tour. This became a serious issue in the eyes of Soviet Premier Joseph V. He personally orders Andrei N. Tupolev, recently released from prison, to oversee the replication of the B — coinciding with a massive spy program to create a Soviet nuclear weapon.

The arrival of a relatively intact B proves a god-send, and Ramp Tramp and two later internees are meticulously dissected and studied by the Tupolev OKB. Kepner is made commander of the 2AD. This shift is part of a larger overall policy of mission specification. These paint schemes usually entail large portions of the wings and stabilizers and remain in place for the rest of the war.

This is the first aerial victory ever made by a jet aircraft. Dean downs the V-1 by tapping its wings, destabilizing the V-1 and veering it off course — a common tactic. Lennartz claims to have downed a Boeing BG of the BG that had dropped from its formation and was strafing river traffic near Stuttgart, Germany.

Engbrecht and Gillanders left and center fly most of the war on this Halifax: Dipsy Doodle HX, Squadron. Due to a recall order by the master bomber, only aircraft actually drop their bombs.

With a total of 5. Strike recalls almost never go well and this recall is no exception. Almost as many bombers are lost in accidents as those in action this night, to the extent that three Halifaxes embarrassingly overshoot the runway at Yorkshire, each wreckage ending up mere feet from the other.

This operation also includes a group of 14 aircraft mining the entrance to the Musi River and a second strike of 29 bombers against the city of Nagasaki, Japan as a diversion.

The raid against Palembang holds the distinction of being the single longest raid of the Second World War, covering some 3, mi. Despite this achievement, bombing is poor and follow-up strikes are cancelled. No bombers are lost to enemy air action on this strike. A B tail gun position, its 20 mm autocannon still in place. The mining aircraft are more successful, parachute-dropping Mk 25 2, lb magnetic anti-shipping mines in the mouth of the Musi River. The bombers sink three small vessels during the raid and successfully close-off refinery shipments from Palembang for an entire month.

This fact is curious considering that most tail gunners opted to have the cannon removed due to its trajectory being so radically different from the. This day sees the first successful downing of a rocket-powered fighter.

The brainchild of Alexander M. Lippisch, the father of the delta-wing, the Me is remarkably fast mph , so much so that bomber interception proves difficult with its slow firing Mk 30 mm autocannon. Kaysen, tail gunner on Towering Titan , BG. The Me carries a detachable landing gear visible below that jettisons after takeoff. Kaysen, the first airman to shoot down a rocket fighter, is on the front row, second from the right. In the end the Me program proves to be a failure. While shockingly lethal in combat, the difficulty involved with flying the aircraft means that it is as dangerous for its operators as it is for its enemies.

Allied fighter pilots soon learn to simply wait for the Komet to expend its fuel which it does rapidly and shoot them down as they glide back to Earth. The crew of Postville Express , BG pose with their aircraft. Saunders aboard the Postville Express , BG , this raid is the first daylight strike against Japan since the Doolittle raid.

Japanese aircraft struggle to reach the operational altitudes of the Bs and the few aircraft capable of doing so — the N1K George, Ki Frank, and Ki Nick — are severely hampered by the production problems, later worsened by bombardment. Disgusted with the current state-of-affairs, LeMay implements a harsh reorganization and training program based on the 8AF model throughout the month of September.

King Michael Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen I, backed by royalist supporters in the midst of a Soviet invasion, announces the success of his coup against Romanian dictator Ion V. Antonescu over the radio, effectively bringing Romania into the Allied cause. This is the last raid wherein various groups of the 3AD fly Bs before transitioning to Bs; by doing so, the three air divisions each have dedicated aircraft types, the 2AD having Bs.

A BJ of the Langenhagen strike, Wham! One airman is placed in a hospital with shrapnel wounds while the others are marched to Rüsselsheim, where they are to be transported by rail to a POW camp outside of Frankfurt. Joseph Goebbels had long declared Allied bomber crews terrorfliegers terror fliers and a memorandum from Führer Adolf Hitler in the summer of ordered the immediate execution of downed Allied airmen deemed as such.

This action is justified by declaring Allied airmen to be criminals rather than enemy combatants. Buchenwald, for example, receives airmen 82 Americans on 20 August. This latter practice is overturned in the autumn of due to protests from Luftwaffe officers. This day also sees the first operational victories made by rocket-fighter aircraft.

Bernadotte V upon visiting the airfield where the bomber is interned. This strike sees the sole remaining Stirling unit, Squadron, fly its last sortie before transitioning to Lancasters. McKee, is credited with being the last Stirling to drop a bomb in anger. No longer used as bombers, Stirlings spend the rest of the war training aircrews, tugging gliders, and dropping resistance operatives over occupied-Europe. The previous two days had gone remarkably well for Germany.

On 11 September, Sturmgruppen pilots claimed some 95 bombers and 75 fighters, claiming another 87 bombers and 13 fighters the following day. Even taking into account the inaccuracy of these claims — the actual numbers were 40 bombers and 17 fighters on 11 September, and 35 bombers and 12 fighters on 12 September — the ratio of victories to losses was still staggering: Major Walther Dahl right visits a Sturmgruppen unit, circa autumn Since the summer of , Hitler had been insistent on deploying the Me as a light bomber, its speed making it theoretically unstoppable as an offensive weapon.

Dahl succeeds in persuading Hitler to authorize some fighter jet production. It is worth noting that this day sees Dahl claim a B victory via ramming; US records do not substantiate this claim.

LeMay participating in a B combat mission, having secured permission to do so in order to critique unit performance. Prior to his arrival, what few raids had taken place had been a mixture of individual sorties at night and four-ship diamond formation raids in daylight.

This is the first strike wherein 20AF bombers are flown in the 8AF-style box formation, dropping their loads on the direction of the lead bomber. Der Zugang zum internen Bereich wurde umgestellt. Bitte wenden Sie sich an die Geschäftsstelle für neue Zugangsdaten.

Am Donnerstag, den September, eröffnete Niedersachsens Verkehrsminister Dr. Neben repressiven Überwachungselementen sollen besonders Lkw-Fahrer auch präventiv über die Gefahren aufgeklärt werden, die durch mangelnden Abstand, Ablenkung und Müdigkeit entstehen.

Der Niedersächsische Verkehrsminister Dr. Das Niedersächsische Kultusministerium und die Landesverkehrswacht Niedersachsen e. LVW vertiefen ihre Kooperation: Mit einer Rahmenvereinbarung über die Zusammenarbeit an öffentlichen Ganztagsschulen soll das Bildungsangebot für die Themenfelder nachhaltige Mobilität und Verkehrserziehung gestärkt werden. August in Hannover unterzeichnet. Am Mittwoch, den In Niedersachsen und zwei weiteren angrenzenden Bundesländern starten die Sommerferien.

Boris Pistorius und weitere Kooperationspartner haben den Ferienanfang in Niedersachsen zum Anlass genommen, gemeinsam an die Öffentlichkeit zu appellieren, auch bei möglicherweise stressigen Autofahrten in die Ferien aufmerksam und wachsam für die Notsituationen anderer zu bleiben.

Juni im Stadtteilzentrum KroKus in Hannover. Das Ziel war für alle Beteiligten klar: Sich gegen die Konkurrenz durchsetzen und bester Lotse oder beste Lotsin in ganz Niedersachsen werden! Etwa Mitglieder und Delegierte aus den niedersächsischen Orts- und Kreisverkehrswachten kamen zur diesjährigen Mitgliederversammlung der Landesverkehrswacht Niedersachsen e.

Mai im Hotel Wienecke XI. Jetzt ist es wieder so weit - der letzte Schnee ist geschmolzen und die Frühjahrssonne lässt sich verstärkt blicken. Jetzt jedoch ist auh die absolut richtige Zeit, an ein Motorrad-Sicherheitstraining zu denken, um optimal auf die erste - sichere - Ausfahrt vorbereitet zu sein. Erste Termine stehen fest. Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Traditionelles Rennen mit neuen Highlights. Erneut Einbruch in Windanlagen.

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