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Luckily I am older and wiser, but no matter how good I get, I still wipeout from time to time. TimTucker , thetallkyle , jbadge , Neuner , Rbendt , Trailsoup.

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Multi-Purpose Helmets

The vents on the helmet and goggle should line up and offer continuous airflow to prevent fogged goggles and regulate your temperature. A single-impact helmet below left is made up of a polycarbonate outer shell molded to a rigid foam liner.

Upon impact, the liner fractures and absorbs the force. In multi-impact models below right , high-density foam inside the shell distributes force and can withstand multiple low momentum crashes without breaking. Browse the top helmets of Pret Cirque X The Cirque X is lightweight grams in size medium and packs in some serious ventilation capabilities, making it an attractive option for backcountry skiers.

Upgrade Your Inbox Don't waste time seeking out the best skiing content; we'll send it all right to you. August 31, Gallery: August 28, Burning Sidewall: How will the ski community react to CTE's sudden presence in action sports?

The time now is We would like to hear from you. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Join Date Aug Posts Helmet Discussion - Single vs Multi Impact So, being broke off gives one quite a bit of time to ponder the intrigues of life that elude otherwise preoccupied brain real estate when one has the ability to ride bikes.

Join Date Jul Posts Honestly I will replace a helmet with any direct contact with the ground. Reply With Quote 3 bullcrew mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Jan Posts 2, 9' drop to head - concussion, fractured wrist, seperated rib and water on knee. Lol I've never tasted pain till then and it tasted like electrical metallic taste. The other side is blown out as well and there's stress cracks over the rest of it. Join Date Aug Posts I think my point may be getting missed.

Join Date Jul Posts 1, From memory so probably not entirely correct. I don't want to be slobbering around my mouth everyday This is only partially correct. The impact energy goes into deforming the material rubber in the case you mentioned above. The only way for energy to exit the system is if the helmet blow up into pieces ala Formula1 car crash. Otherwise, the energy is not going anywhere actually it goes into your body in the form of broken neck.

A good helmet design will have to compromise between the need to protect from puncture and the need to disperse energy. I think the practical solution here is to run a motocross helmet with thick padding. I hope your buddy recovers, breaking vertebrae sucks. Regards 'multi impact' helmets, read the paperwork, I've had a couple of multi impact helmets two from Pro Tec, one POC and the multi only refers to multiple impacts within a single crash.

Speaking of which, one Pro Tec didn't fit, the second argued with a tree branch tree won and the POC died during a wash out that resulted in nutting the floor at speed Reply With Quote 13 jurichar mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Apr Posts one nd done for me to Stupid Obama Care "At that point man, your just riding your bike.

Join Date Sep Posts ive always followed the rule of if you ring your bell you replace the helmet. Reply With Quote 16 jurichar mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Aug Posts no leatt, he owns one but doesnt wear it dj'ing. Join Date Sep Posts no leatt, he owns one but doesnt wear it dj'ing. Join Date Aug Posts jurichar, Not going to weigh in on which helmet is better as I have no clue.

Eric Reply With Quote 21 jurichar mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Aug Posts i've always thought about running a mouth guard.

Join Date Jun Posts There was an article in Motorcyclist magazine back in which is relevant to this, called 'Motorcycle Helmet Performance: Article Reply With Quote 23 billybobzia a dad Reputation: Join Date Jan Posts 2, Got a d3 the other day liked the urge but as hard as i hit in it I want a little more cushion for the push in.

Join Date Jan Posts 42, Originally Posted by bullcrew Got a d3 the other day liked the urge but as hard as i hit in it I want a little more cushion for the push in. Lol to match your girlfriend the other night Reply With Quote 27 gticlay mtbr member Reputation: Your flaw here is that you assume the energy must be transferred somewhere and not stored or converted.

Much like a shock absorber, the energy can be used in the damping and that turns the energy into heat, or simply held for a time and released slowly when the damping material returns to it's original shape. The energy is conserved, and not transferred to your brain box and it's either turned into heat or used returning back to shape, or some combination of both.

Join Date Jul Posts 1, Thread revival time Join Date Jul Posts Originally Posted by jurichar i've always thought about running a mouth guard. Using a properly fitted mouth guard can reduce the severity of a concussion.

There is a lot of bad information out there on this subject many experts claim that mouth guards do not prevent concussions because no published evidence exists to show that. The logic behind this statement is false as is the statement itself. The impact of face shield use on concussions in ice hockey: Josh in forum All Mountain Replies: These helmets absorb shock with soft inner foam, that will bounce back after impact.

Generally, I compare these to hockey helmets. Nonetheless, after a few good thumps to your head and you will still need a new one. Latest posts by Jordan Curet see all Landlocked Surfing: Print Email Reddit Pocket. No Comments Sep 15, No Comments Oct 10, About The Author Jordan Curet I am a photographer and journalist and have traveled all over the world, only to end up in a little place called Aspen.

Helmet Discussion - Single vs Multi Impact