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Spontanmusik auf dem Coburger Schlossplatz. Though at first an enthusiastic champion of Wagner's music, Nietzsche ultimately became hostile, viewing the festival and its revellers as symptom of cultural decay and bourgeois decadence —an event which led him to turn his eye upon the moral values esteemed by society as a whole - "Nietzsche clearly preferred to see Bayreuth fail than succeed by mirroring a society gone wrong.

Bayreuth lies on the Red Main river, the southern of the two headstreams of the River Main , between the Fichtelgebirge Mountains and Franconian Switzerland. The town is also part of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Climate in this area has mild differences between highs and lows, and there is adequate rainfall year-round. The results of the local elections in Bavaria were as follows in brackets the change from the elections:. Further twinnings with other European towns are planned.

There is also a cultural partnership with the state of Burgenland , Austria , and a university partnership between the University of Bayreuth and the Washington and Lee University in Lexington , Virginia. Margrave Albert Achilles, who was also Elector of Brandenburg , presented the town Bayreuth in December with the coat of arms that it still bears today.

Two fields show the black and white coat of arms of the Hohenzollerns. The black lion on gold with a red and white border was the municipal coat of arms of the burgraves of Nuremberg. Along the two diagonals are two Reuten , small triangular shovels with a slightly bent shaft. They represent the ending -reuth in the town's name. It is both a museum and the oldest working tableau in Bayreuth.

The Festival Hall dates to the 19th century and is now used solely for the Bayreuth Festival. Only works by Richard Wagner are put on. The Bayreuth Town House Stadthaus , likewise, does not have its own ensemble. It is regularly used by the Theater Hof as well as the Tourneetheater.

The only two theatres with their own ensemble are the Studiobühne Bayreuth and amateur dramatic society, Brandenburg Kulturstadl. Near the Festival Hall is the Festival Park. On the Königsallee , east of the town centre, is the relatively small Miedel Garden. The best known park in Bayreuth is that of the 'Eremitage' Hermitage in the district of St. With a total area of almost 50 hectares it is the largest park in Bayreuth.

Bayreuth has been chosen to host the Bavarian Country Garden Show in The oldest surviving cemetery is the Town Cemetery Stadtfriedhof with a large number of gravestones of famous people. On the southern edge of the town is the Southern Cemetery Südfriedhof and crematorium. The districts of St.

Georgen have their own cemeteries. Over 60 clubs offer just under one hundred sports. Bayreuth had its sporting heyday in the late s and early 90s. The table tennis players of the 1. Bayreuth FC played in the 1st Division from to In the World Glider Championships took place in Bayreuth. The lines around Bayreuth are all single-tracked and non-electrified. Since 23 May tilting Class diesel multiple units have worked the Pegnitz Valley route. These were bought by the former Deutsche Bundesbahn specifically for the winding track.

However, the Franken-Sachsen-Express still provides a direct connection to Dresden since December , every two hours. This service is worked by Class diesel multiple units. Sometimes private bus operators run services on behalf of the transport companies. The 15 routes lines operate from Monday to Friday at 20 or minute intervals; on Saturday and Sunday the interval is extended to 30 minutes.

Late evening services from about 20 to 12 pm during the week and to 1 am at weekends , on Sunday mornings a simplified network of six lines lines runs buses at minute intervals. Some lines then operate like an on-call taxi service. The network is star-shaped. Originally, the central station was at the market square in Maximilianstrasse. At this stop there are also bus stops for local buses to facilitate transfers. Regional rail is operated by the Omnibusverkehr Franken.

In most places there is a signed cycle path network. In the centre of Bayreuth itself, cycling is fairly straightforward due to the relatively flat topography , something which encourages the use bicycles as an everyday means of transport.

Because of the proximity of the kilometre long Main Cycle Path , Bayreuth is also a destination for many tourist cycle routes. Because of the long service intervals of the Bayreuth town bus system and its long overnight pause, students use bicycles as their everyday mode of transport. The local airport supports Bayreuth's commercial aviation traffic, individual business travel, general aviation and air sports.

There is no commercial service any more: In , the service which used to operate three times a day from Frankfurt via Bayreuth to Hof, stopped service. The airfield at Bindlacher Berg is also one of the most important bases for gliding in Germany. For example, the World Championships took place here in For the air sports community in Bayreuth, the airport is a departure point for glider flights taking part in the national Bundesliga competition league.

The local gliding club also provides instruction in flying gliders and light aircraft. Rollwenzelei with Jean Paul 's study Dichterstube. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the district, see Bayreuth district. For the Lebanese capital city, see Beirut. Westliche Innenstadt Western town centre 2: Südöstliche Innenstadt Southeastern town centre 5: Südwestliche Innenstadt Southwestern town centre 6: Saas, originated from the parish village Saas, which was mentioned as early as in connecxion with the Baptists [19] Nördlicher Roter Hügel Westlicher Roter Hügel Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung in German.

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