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Hier lernen sie andere Alleinerziehende aus Mahlberg kennen. Saturday, 25 August Kitchen sink cologne and over-egged coleslaw - and how, as with slaw, less is more.

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It suddenly makes you think that any found object, however innocent-looking, has the potential to be dangerous - or even fatal. And it seems horribly perverse that fragrance, the transformative power of which is invariably a force for good, should be subverted to these evil and destructive ends. As well as sadly making the names of Dior's 'Poison' range - that infamously groundbreaking collection comprising original Poison from and its flankers - sound like an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy.

Would this incident make you more wary about found objects generally, and perfume specifically? According to the Daily Mail, police have warned people in Salisbury: But on the other hand, is there a danger we could become immobilised by fear from touching anything that doesn't belong to us? What if someone dropped their wallet That said, the sheer audacity and inhumanity of this attack certainly gives you pause The Monochrome Set in Germany, May In it I mentioned that at some point I would write up the travel aspects of this mini-tour, which also took in Cologne, Mainz, and Hamburg.

Predictably on Bonkers, that time has come somewhat belatedly, and I may have picked up one or two other travel anecdotes from later gigs that I will append here, using a dollop of chronological licence. And rather than adopt a chronological approach to this travelogue, I will opt for my tried and tested formula of grouping incidents and observations thematically, starting with Going by our middle names At St Pancras, on the way out to Cologne, Andy the bass player had the whimsical idea that for the duration of the trip we should refer to one another by our middle names.

This yielded some amusing discoveries before we even started playing the game: Peter Keyboard player John: Alistair spelling is approximate Jane merchandise team: Signally failing to eat satsumas Although there is sometimes fruit as part of the rider, it can never be counted on, and I decided to clear my fruit bowl before I left and bring seven satsumas out with me rather than let them go soft and mouldy at home while I was away.

I dutifully dragged this fruit on and off trains and from hotel to hotel, periodically offering them to the others I then forgot to eat any of the remaining half dozen myself, and brought them all back home again. However, I am pleased to report that they did in fact withstand the rigours of the journey, and I promptly juiced the lot on my return. Thursday, 5 July "Let's drip together": Roja Parfums sandalwood candle, and thoughts on all things hot and bothered.

Bougie Parfumee , heat wave , keeping perfumes in wardrobe , Roja Parfums candle , sandalwood candle , storing perfumes in the heat.

About me I am an independent market researcher, specialising in industrial product sectors, who was struck down in early by 'sudden onset perfume mania'.

Contact Me flittersniffer at gmail dot com. My flittersniffer blog card Design by David Gleeson. Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour: I am interrupting my current slew of travel posts for an important news flash! Since the early days of Bonkers, I have been a champion o Peeling back the years - Indeed Labs Retinol Reface review. I noticed the other day that my e-buzzing Beauty Blog ranking - the one I inadvertently gained when I failed to find a Perfume category to Lidl Suddenly Woman 1 review: For some years now I have been a big champion of the own brand range of perfumes from European discount chain, Lidl.

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