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Most residents, however, moved out of the area after World War II.

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The Conley Brothers were not easy to trace at first. Then another cabinet card turned up on a web site credited to photographer D. Conley and Brother, Celina, Ohio. Considering it is the same name and the same city, it must be the same photographer. All of his brothers are still living at home on the farm in Van Pelt, Ohio.

The earliest mention as a photographer is the US Census when he was All records of him after that designate him as photographer except the US Census which says he is a farmer.

In he and Emma C. Daniel is now He was an active photographer in Ohio from to Through all the years Daniel Calvin is listed as photographer as occupation or profession, there is no evidence he ever had a studio. So this photograph was made around then. It would be one of his earliest prints. December 25, , Vol. The Blue Gallery is famous throughout this region for making good pictures for little money.

Tom is a fixture in McKinney and enjoys a good patronage. Those desiring their beauty struck should give him a call. Walker Corlis moved around a lot, living mostly in Ontario, Connecticut and Ohio, he apparently visited Illinois only late in life, between and A rough timeline would be: Elmore Howard Corwin was born 29 Jun , in Ohio. He married Bernice Coykendall 6 Jun and they had four children together.

Bernice died in He then married Harriet Elizabeth Stinebaugh, 28 May and they had two children together. Elmore died on August 3, , in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 92, and was buried there. This photograph was done sometime between and Approximate Time line Census to Birth of daughter as photographer in Fulton, Illinois Census to city directory as photographer in Ottawa, Kansas Census as photographer Census as fruit farmer to Census as fruit farmer Death in August of Another example at Wendellreseaarch.

The only clue found so far is this item in the Houston Post, 13 Feb about the sale of the studio to two other photographers. So the photograph here would have to have been made before that date. Gray No connections have been made so far. The newspaper clipping at the left does show that Mullins and Gray sold their studio to Tucker and Nichols in Feb of The cabinet Card at the far left would most likely have been done before February of when they went out of business.

Perhaps the name on this one is Robert Mailins. Edwin Rodney Curtiss - E. Curtiss was a lifelong, full time photographer, his studio at times employing as many as five assistants. His surviving photographs are quite plentiful including some stereo views. His portraits often included dignitaries of New York and Wisconsin. Cuyler - began photography in at the age of 24 continuing in this single occupation until his death in US Census as photographer living at a boarding house.

Dabb was probably the photographer for this cabinet card. He spent most of his photographic career in Le Mars, Iowa. Oddly, there was only six years difference in their age. Dabb of Le Mars, IA, from the "late 's". Daggett living in the south-west corner of Missouri between and That stated, although several records were found for Elbert Otis Daggett, nothing ever confirms that he was a photographer.

In the US census, he is recorded as being an insurance adjustor and all other records found say he was a farmer. There was a family of Daggetts living in and around New York State but there is no indication that any of them travelled west. Daggett found in the Nunda, NY, city directory, but it is unlikely he might have traveled to Billings, MO, at any time.

Daggett in their tree. So if Elbert Otis Daggett is the right person, it must be concluded that he was a photographer for only a short time, probably around , when he was open to being something other than a farmer.

Dorsaz and Frank E. Several interesting newspaper items reprinted below - Photographer: Davis Pennsylvania Ave. The reverse of the card on the left. Davis is mentioned often for the hiring of James Conway, a prominent black photographer, at a time when that was unusual. He is also said to have fired other employees who objected.

Brown is working at the photographic gallery of George W. This is a slightly enhanced version. To see the original, click on this picture and then in the resulting page, scroll down.

Robert Wolstenholme Dawson - Nov 03 R. There is no address on this cabinet card so it could have been done at any time during that period. The Brothers Deane Photographer: Deane Elm St. Dallas It appeared at first that Deane the photographer was a restless traveller appearing all over Texas for several decades.

After documenting a family tree around one of them, it shows that there were four brothers, all photographers, all working in Texas. Deane appears often in the Texas newspaper items and ads but these seldom include first name or initials making it difficult to establish which brother was where and when. The following timeline is constructed of newspaper dates and places , US census , city directories and some other Vital Documents.

This should help separate and trace the brothers. Added to each timeline event is a name if available. If the name is in parentheses then it is a speculation based on other items. Jervis Deane loses an eye while photographing a staged train wreck. From Historic Camera website: His childhood was spent on the family farm and he attended public schools until age 13, when he became a mercantile clerk to help support his family.

After seven years, he went into business for himself, enjoying some success as a merchandiser. After relocating to Cleveland, Ohio, in , Mr. Decker resumed his interest in photography, which began during his years as a teen merchant. He married Julia English in February , and two years' later he felt sufficiently confident enough in his artistic abilities and business prowess to open his own photographic studio at Superior Street, in a partnership with Thomas T.

Decker's Civil War portraits of Ohio's Western Reserve regiments cemented his reputation as an excellent portrait photographer.

He would later photograph famed ornithologist and John James Audubon biographer. Grant, James Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, and William McKinley. By , the successful business was selling dozen photographs and had expanded to include four assistants. Decker's business grew, so too did his need for a larger studio. After his partnership with Mr. Sweeny ended, he established another successful alliance with gifted retoucher and crayon artist Charles E.

Decker - whose establishment was renamed simply the Decker Studio - maintained the highest aesthetic and moral standards believing one could not be sacrificed without adversely affecting the other. He was one of the first photographers to infuse humanity into the often austere daguerreotypes and ambrotypes.

He later applied the same uncompromising expertise to his oil crayon and watercolor works, copying, and photographic enlargements. Decker's success came increasing professional and civic responsibilities. He became a member, director, and later president of the National Photographic Association, and also served on the Cleveland city council. Decker was awarded the Photographers' Association of America's prestigious Eastman cup for his impressive bromide enlargements.

In July of , failing health forced Mr. Thankfully, he left his business in the capable hands of his latest partner George Mountain Edmondson, who was at the time Vice President of the Photographers' Association of America, and would become himself one of the Midwest's finest photographers. Pioneering photographic trailblazer E. Decker died on December 1, No research on Lutz and DeVol yet. Dinsmore can be found only once in historical records as a photographer. There are newspaper mentions of W.

The name is not as uncommon as it first seems. So, at this time, it is fairly certain that W. Dinsmore was a photographer in Anita, Iowa, in Here is a timeline of W.

Dinsmore of Anita, IA: Barbour studio Oct 12 Newspaper Mention as photographer Dec 21 Newspaper ad for Christmas photographs Apr 29 Newspaper Dolbear for fine photo work ad April 09 Newspaper Dolbear in Cleveland studying new styles and processes in photography. Dolbear offered position with Winton Motor Carriage Co.

He died of typhoid fever when he was just 27 years old. He married Josephine Cameron and they had one daughter. Glass blowers, steel workers, coal miners and laborers. Any one of them could have done photography on the side. No other information has been found. Dowe didn't put any address on his Cabinet Cards because he moved around a lot. For the same reason, it's difficult to date them. No research on Downing at this time.

The near left might have been done any time between and or and It might seem that this would be a difficult photographer to trace since all the information available was a last name, Dubbs.

However there is a lot of information about John Howard Dubbs available and it appears there was only one photographer by that name in the cabinet card era. Dubbs dies at Brewer in Cadillac, MI The documents show Dubbs as photographer from to , then into other occupations from through Then from to he is back working as a photographer. Considering the rounded corner cut of the card itself, this card was probably made around in Ohio. Harriet Drum and her son Oscar and his wife Lottie were all photographers.

They all worked together at one point and after Harriet died, Oscar and Lottie carried on the business. There is no mention anywhere of Drum and a Railroad Photo Car as shown on the card to the right. The only clues that tie these two photographs together are, the comma after the name "Drum" and both photographs were found in Kansas.

The photograph on the left was probably done between and In the US Census when he was 39, the occupation is reported as photographer. All other records say he was a farmer. Unfortunately he lived in a rather rural location so there are no city directories to check, only the US Census. Homer, Illinois, is a very small town, even today. Of course he might have done portrait photography as a side line during many of those farming years but the records say he was a farmer.

The cabinet card just to the left was probably done around Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card. Late s—90s Gold text on black card stock s on: Keen eye has chosen these. I will spend considerable time here just looking and looking and looking.

I took a week to assemble the page. Actually these are ALL the cabinet cards with known photographers that I have scanned. There are probably a few that I have missed or skipped but I laid out the page so that I could expand later. Perhaps this page will be a help to those looking for photographs by certain photographers.

I love looking at all the photos on your site, you have an amazing collection! I don't have as many photos as you, although I do have a lot, but it will take me a long time to get them all posted. Thanks for the visit Teresa. The Hutchings Traveling Railroad Car story on your post was a new discovery for me. I had not known of it before. I admire the Cabinet Card collectors because of the historical connections but my first love is the lowly snapshot.

My mom found an old photo in the wall of her parents house, they were the only ones that had ever lived in that house.. Its probably taken around I will see what I can turn up that might help you and get back to you at this same site. My email is Phase65 at yahoo. Thanks for your patience.

Found inside a wall! The man was maybe a preacher but probably not. A Bible was often a prop to be held by someone in the portrait, even children. I can shed no light on who is in the portrait.

I did find however that Elmer Cain discontinued the profession of photographer sometime between and The city directory lists him as traveling salesman. I have no access to city directories between and He does not appear in the Richmond city directory for He died in I found him in City Directories as early as as a photographer. Your photograph had to be made before When was studio in business? I have no information beyond that.

If you had a link to contact you, I could send a scan to you if you were interested, but I don't want to publish my email address. Thanks very much for your contribution! If you can just send a scan to phase65 at Yahoo.

Adams Broadway, Fort Wayne, Ind. Fort Wayne Sentinel - 18 Sep Argos, IN, Reflector - 2 Apr Anderson and N.

Seven more examples HERE. Arless Montreal Enhanced for detail. Reverse of the cabinet card on the left. L' Atelier 2 Main St. Barrett Home Portrait Co.

Beck Morrisonville, ILL Reverse of the card on the left. Bell Eastside Square, Girard, Kans. British Photography Journal This would seem to put their partnership within the years of and Best Albia, Iowa reverse blank.

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