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Aric Huber July 14, Kacie Craig and Kenneth Sheets mackenzie at yahoo. Newly renovated, 2 story condo in the desirable Chesterfield area will surely impress.

This 2 bedroom, 2. Sign in to your account. Phone Number Need to reset your phone number? Don't have an account with us? Click here to sign up. R-I Southern Boone Co. R-I Southern Reynolds Co. List your Homes Today! Atlhough the Virgin Mary, saints, and angels are all in heaven, they should not be the objects of prayer or veneration.

The making of images encourages idolatrous worship that should be directed at the more abstract concept of God. Although the saints and angels should not be worshipped, their intercession is valuable and necessary to helping the Christian to achieve salvation. The Virgin Mary is especially honored by God, and should be also by believers. Religious images should not be worshipped, but they help to inspire devotion these fine points were often lost on the average peasant.

God's foreknowledge and ominipotence mean that everyone is predestined to their fate: Human action avails nothing. God's omnipotence does not restrict human will, and each individual is still responsible for earning their own salvation. The Bible only documents two sacraments:

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