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It would depend on the thickness of the shells. Slow Cooker Meatloaf I know that meatloaf sometimes gets a bad rap, mostly I would venture a guess that it's usually based on past experiences with a dry, tasteless glob of meat.

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Slow cooker Poor Man’s Stew is hearty and budget friendly

I hope you get back to me in time! I only have 1 pound of hamburger meat. I was thinking maybe trying to just use 1 and a half jars of sauce but still cooking for the full time? Do you think that would be okay? I made this recipe for an Italian themed luncheon at the school where I work Teachers are generally very good cooks and these meals are always wonderful.

Everyone asked for the recipe! Thanks for all your recipes. Happy to hear that Joleen, this recipe is one of my favorites. Makes so much and the leftovers heat up great. I am not fancy either! I am going to try putting it on the warm setting on the Crock-Pot but, if not hot enough, will also use microwave!

Can you make another mixture with just mozerella cheese and cream cheese somehow? While I liked this recipe, the prep work is the same as regular spaghetti and would have been easier to just do the prep and bake it in the oven.

Pre cooking everything kind of ruined the whole crock pot idea. It was a very good meal but just think easier doing it in the oven. Flavors are enhanced with the slow cooking!

More economical to use the slow cooker than to use your big oven! Just mixed the meat in the sauce The anticipation is killing me there is no doubt it will come out delicious. Thank you it was a hit last night. He told me he was in the mood for spaghetti with meat balls. I asked if he would opt for spaghetti with ground beef instead and he agreed. I made it and him and my little ones are it all up… I loved it myself. I find it takes longer than 20 minutes after the cheese addition.

But I do have a crockpot from like 15 years ago. Great tip, It could go a little longer without anything bad happening, just makes it hotter and bubbly. Slow Cooker Baked Spaghetti. I wonder if you could use cottage cheese instead of riacotta cheese? I love cottage cheese in lasagna. I could eat this every night for dinner…my husband may not be on the same wagon. This looks so good, Sarah! I am putting this on my list to try!

Could you leave out the ricotta cheese and just add more cream cheese? All of the information at the top of the post is basically a step by step tutorial just to give a visual of the preparation steps. The actual recipe with ingredients, amounts and instrutions, is what is located at the very bottom of the post. I don't use mushrooms typically for my hamburger steaks, though I do for the salisbury steaks, however, they are included in the recipe as an option. You must've missed it?

Thanks so much for stopping back by to let me know!! Hi Mary, just wanted to tell you thank you for this recipe. Made it for supper the other nite, and, I was amazed at how good the burgers tasted, as well as the gravy, simmered it about 45 min.

Had enough for leftovers next nite, and it was just as good as the nite before. I am glad I found your site. I just love this recipe - good ole comfort food!! Family thrilled with the dinner. My daughter especially, she did not have to cook.: I am not the cook at 79 I have slowed down and let others cook for me. This was easy and oh so good. Reminded of my Mommy who was the best cook.: Wow awesome instructions and pics bout to try this rite now thanks.

I've made this a couple of times, and I have doubled up on the gravy for our Potatos. I have a disease called Lupus so I am writing my daughters all the recipes of the dinners I have good in past times. Each meal comes with a story either about the meal or a funny memory. Like the first time I made this it was very bland then I looked and noticed I forgot the season salt. Now at first I just thought it was me because my taste buds were messed up from medications, guess not.

What a treasure that recipe book will be!! I've had my fair share of cooking challenges that's for sure. I've improved a bit since then LOL! Made this for the family and it was a big hit!! I made some slight changes because we have a large family, but certainly saving this! I'm so glad that your family enjoyed it and thank you so much for taking the time to stop back by and let me know, I really appreciate that!

These instructions say to use a stainless skillet. All I have is a cast iron skillet. Would using a cast iron skillet change anything? Not at all Joyce! The only issue you may run into is that you need a tight fitting lid so you may have to try and cover it with a few layers of aluminum foil for the last step since most cast iron lids have a pouring spout on both sides.

Now that I'm pregnant, this is all I crave! I cook this all the time now! All of your recipes I love and are so great! Thanks for sharing something so amazing!

Funny because people often think of pregnant women craving odd things or sweet things, but I was the same way as you. I craved things like this - meat and meals!! I made this for dinner tonight and it was really good! Thanks for the recipe! I have never left a comment before but I had to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed this. I'm not the best cook and I usually use envelope gravy.

Thank you so much!! I have two packets of onion gravy mix I need to use? Kitchen Bouquet is a browning and seasoning sauce. It adds a little more richness to the gravy and gives it a nice color. It's made of herbs, spices and pureed vegetables and is used in stews, sauces and gravies.

You'll find it where they have the dried herbs, spices and seasonings at most grocery stores. While this recipe includes a homemade gravy, you can certainly sub in instant gravy packets too if you prefer. Just skip that part of the recipe. This was a stick to your ribs meal here, very filling. The gravy was full of flavor and we loved the onions too. The patties formed nicely for me as well.

I read a fellow commenter above used some Sriracha chili sauce in their's, I wouldn't mind giving that a try in the future too. This is a homestyle and comfort dish to the max!!

Thank you so much: Made this tonight, It was such a big hit! My family loved it. I'm so glad to hear that - thanks for letting me know!! Oh my, soooo good! I have a Celiac in the family, so I omitted the flour and used half as much cornstarch to dip the patties and in the gravy. My extra picky husband -- who prefers real flour -- could not tell the difference and thought this was great.

Thanks for taking the time to comment - I love hearing from readers and I read every single comment and try to respond to them right here on the site, so stop back by! I also reserve the right to edit, delete or otherwise exercise total editorial discretion over any comments left on this blog.

If your comment serves only to be snarky, mean-spirited or argumentative, it will be deleted. Please mind your manners. One of my favorite kitchen tools, I use this handheld vacuum sealer everyday for deli meats, cheeses, veggies and more! Love these measuring cups from Oxo. Read measurements right from the top, no bending, stooping or eyeballing - they're another favorite!

Get New Posts by Email. If you're a fan of air fryers like I have become, these are the absolutely perfect sprayers. With coarse salt, herbs and spices, garlic and onion, I have become a big fan of this seasoning! Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mats. Pour an inch of cold water in the bottom and this butter keeper will keep your real butter on the counter, soft and fresh and ready to use.

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Your support is greatly appreciated - Thank You! Food, family and memories are as intertwined in the South as if woven on the same thread. At any function we attend, from a party to a wedding to a funeral, we are as likely to talk as much about the food that was there, as we are about why we are gathered. A diner classic and a southern favorite, seasoned ground beef patties cooked with caramelized onion and gravy is a belly-pleaser.

If you haven't already, come and join the party! Posted by Mary on October 13, You are never under any obligation to purchase anything when using my recipes and you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.

Neely October 13, at 7: A Year on the Grill October 13, at 7: Anonymous December 16, at Mary Deep South Dish December 16, at 8: Shae October 14, at 9: Mommy's Kitchen October 14, at Mary October 14, at 2: Unknown November 19, at 6: Sharon B January 30, at Shae October 14, at 3: Erin Aleck March 17, at 8: Mary Deep South Dish March 17, at Mary October 14, at 8: Mary Deep South Dish September 14, at 9: Mary Deep South Dish September 15, at Kim October 15, at 8: Anonymous October 15, at MamaFeelgood February 24, at Mary February 25, at Paige April 25, at 4: Mary at Deep South Dish April 25, at 7: MamaFeelgood November 22, at Mary at Deep South Dish November 24, at 1: Tiffany February 1, at Mary at Deep South Dish February 1, at Sara May 16, at Mary at Deep South Dish May 16, at With all the flavor and a fraction of the calories, you are going to want more and more of this delectable appetizer.

Both of these dishes are what Hamburger Hamlet was famous, after they started doing more than Burgers. My Air Fryer is quickly becoming my best friend, well after my Junie Moon , who is the love of my life, along with my sweet boy, Chester. The real thing in your own home!!!! The towels will catch excess water, as you want the slices to be as dry as possible. Dredge the Zucchini in the flour and shake off.

Dunk them in the milk completely and flip. Then pass them through the Seasoned Bread Crumbs. You want to make sure not to gunk up your fingers. So, either use tongs or your fingers, like so:. With your dry left hand, put Zucchini into the flour and coat.

Shake off any excess. Then drop the Zucchini into the milk on top of the fork and flip. Then, using the fork, pick up the Zucchini and place in the Seasoned Bread Crumbs. With your dry right hand, dredge them through the Seasoned Bread Crumbs. I am right handed. If you are left handed, you might prefer to go from right to left instead.

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