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Review: GreenLife Ceramic Nonstick Cookware

Wenn dann auch noch so viele Wegbegleiter von Elvis vor Ort sind, überschlägt sich das Herz eines Fans vor Begeisterung:

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I only starting using spray after getting the same results with coconut oil and olive oil. Well, they looked really nice at first. Some day, the world will know truly non-stick cookware. Instructions clearly state NOT to use cooking sprays and some other oils. I bought several pieces of this cookware, and loved it…..

I was very careful, and followed the manufactures directions. After about months, they started to stick. I contacted the company, and they gave me the run around, and would not honor the warranty. The same thing happened to my friend.

So, not a good purchase. Thank you so much, I have been looking at the turquoise set for my mom for Christmas.

We just moved and she decided that she would throw pretty much all of our pots and pans away bc they were bad, so i know what t put under the tree this year i guess thank you so much. Going to make my brother get me to Walmart sometime this week so i can get the set.

When using these pans did you run into any issues with the ceramic coating? I recently decided it was time to replace my Teflon pots and pans, so I was super excited to find these pans at my local Walmart. I used them for less than 3 weeks and ended up returning them because 4 of the pans had chips and scratches in the ceramic.

How long have you had your pans? Are you having any problems? Donna, I have very small specks where the coating is coming off, but no major issues. I never use oil and wipe them off with a soft cloth after each use. I am having the same issue with my set. I have only had them a week! I have been very careful, hand wash soft untensils act.

Taking them back today!! Can I ask how long you cooked with them before posting a review? I purchased these 2 months ago and all the non stick is already gone. Worst set I ever owned. Tabitha, I used them for a couple of weeks without problems before posting the review. Try cooking bacon on it.

Our pan is permanently stained. My wife decided to discard it and bought another. Can you get your money back for these???

Trick is to not cook it much hotter than the lowest setting your stove has. My gas range runs hot so I cook it on almost the lowest I can. I love my two pans and am considering a whole set. My most fav- you can toast cheese sandwiches without them sticking like crazy! That would cause chips. We used the pan for bacon also, samething. Worked great for months, now it is useless. Bacon and everything else sticks and burns. What ashame, really liked it at the beginning.

I bought 2 pans from Walmart also and everything sticks to mine even using oil!!!!!!! How can I get food not to stick???? I have a couple very small scratches on 1 or 2 pots, but nothing to complain about.

The small scratches I did get were from absent minded metal utensil use. I would purchase again! The great thing about ceramic is that you have to use very little oil, clean up is a breeze and no toxins are leaching into your food. And when you use silicone or wood utensils you should really never see any chips or nicks.

I did invest in a few pieces from Ceramcor. I purchased the Large Skillet because of the tall sides and the fact it had a lid. I do clean cooking and eating and have used my pan daily since before Christmas.

I do have one very small scratch from using tongs to pick up a piece of chicken, but other than that it works perfectly. I purchased a smaller one later and have had no problems with that one at all.

I only use coconut oil in my pans and now no more regular tongs only silicone tongs and utensils and always hand washing. I am now looking to buy the large soup pot. Worked good 3 to 4 weeks after the coating was flaking off.

Back to my cast iron. I am totally disappointed in my skillet. When I first purchased it nothing stuck to it. My skillet is not about 4 months old and everything sticks to it.

And yes, I cook them on low heat. I have had mine for five months and I am going to throw them away and buy something new. The pots are ok, but the frying pans are garbage!

I tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich the other day and the well buttered bread still stuck to the pan and had to be scraped off. My old iron skillet did just fine tho. Greenlife pans are useless junk. Everything sticks and I mean everything. Even the cooking spray is stuck on. I bought a set from Walmart over a year ago, for our winter home, proudly made a hanging rack and displayed my new find, used them a low heat, with all no scratch utensils, hand washed them with a soft dish cloth, for a few weeks last season and was so please, when asked what I wanted for Christmas, I mentioned and received another complete set, which I planned to take north and replace that cookware with.

The bad news is they started to show tiny spots in some areas and also have food sticking in those area, in spite of the use of extra olive oil. I no longer have the box the first set came in or the recite or proof of purchase. Well they still give me a refund? I was gifted a 12 in. Green Life skillet back at Christmas It has gradually developed chips over time and now, 15 mos. I am so disappointed in these pans and more disappointed with the company.

Good luck with the warranty or getting in contact with them. We have had ours 2 weeks. Thus morning, after frying bacon on medium heat, two chinks have appeared on the pan. I will say the ceramic distributes the heat far more evenly than other cookware.

I had read somewhere that your not supposed to use non-stick spray Pam on these pans, just oil.? My pans worked great for a few months and then stopped working they even stick when cooking bacon. Bought the frying pan set 2 weeks ago. Had been hand washing however it said dishwasher safe so I put it in with a load since then everything sticks like glue, handle also caught fire. I thought your cookware was all ceramic not ceramic coated.

I have had this set not more than 6months. And I am seeing chipping. Very disappointed with these. Your not to use cooking spray or it will form a sticky non-stick. I cooked smoked turkey sausages and added just a small amount of water. They turned our nice with the grill marks and i was able to use the lid to keep warm or the rack if i wanted to steam buns. I bought the large fry pan and the small fry pan. So far I am not happy.

Everything seems to stick and I plan on taking them back to Walmart. I have used olive oil, and canola oil on medium heat. What am I doing wrong?? You may not be able. The Greenlife Cookware seems really nice! I really like the review and I think that it is absolutely worth it! I love that they are so easy to clean! I got mine for Christmas. Before even using one a spoon the perfect width of pan got stuck in the pan and after getting it out it left two spots without ceramic.

The company did replace it with a note that said make sure you only cook on low to med. So I have done all that stuff and still coating coming off. I make everything from scratch so use my pans daily. This cookware is for the kitchen that does not get a lot of use. I have my small and large fry pan for about 8 months and have 4 months with sticky food problems. I do not use metal utensils or dishwasher.

Have my green life pans for about a year and have never used a medal spatula or anything that would scratch them. But my pans have scratch marks on them. Very upset with this.

Wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem. Has anybody had any problems with a funny taste coming into boiled noodles or rice? I received the complete set last month for my birthday and washed all pots and pans in hot soapy water rinsed and toweled dried by hand, since I have boiled rice, and noodles two times in the medium and large pots and my food came out tasting like it was boiled in water that came from a hose. I know its not my water because I never had that problem with my old pots.

I thought I was the only one with this issue. However, all my food tastes synthetic. I washed the cookware before using but it still smells like chemicals and makes my food taste funny.

I thought that green life pans were great until on day my food started sticking — and now I am ready for some other product. I have been using these for about 2 years and no problem at all. The coating is still there I hand wash also myself and use the green life utensils as well. I am planning to take a pan like this for a long time! I am fascinated by how easy they are for cleaning! I bought three frying pans at Walmart.

For a while, I loved them; any food just slid right off and you only had to wipe them for the next use. However, even though I took care to touch the cook surface with plastic utensils only, the surface seems to have worn out. I got one of these as a Christmas present and I like it very much. But I would caution anyone against trying to cook eggs in it without a little butter or oil. First thing I tried to cook in it was a couple of fried eggs and they stuck not a lot but they stuck.

Now I put a little butter in it when I cook anything and it works fine. And it is very easy to clean. Green Life skillets cook great BUT buyer beware! There is a silicone pad on the back of the handle that leads you to believe the handle can be touched while cooking and will not be hot.

I lave they way they cook, but I will get rid of them. My suggestion — buy something else!! I hate these pans! Everything stick and it was right from the start.

No olive oil, lite oil, low heat, hand wash and only have the right tools. Never will buy another. I wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased them. Normal use and the frying pans are completely stained at the bottoms after having them for about 6 months. The pans are good at first but after that things stick and the coating starts to get spots i sm not impressed at all.

Please tell me whym. So strange…eggs stick every single time to mine…. It is a waste. I bought the whole set took extra care even used paper towels to wash each pan. The thing is, yes when pans are new the non stock is great but within a month eggs start sticking and I wind up with scrabbled eggs. These pans were nice the first few weeks.

I will never buy them again. My old cheap wore out non stick pans work better than these pans. The handles burn and break off. I bought a set of your ceramic frying pans the small pan is nearly unusable as everything I cook in it seems to stick and burn even on low heat ,I must say that I am very disappointed in your product Tim.

A bizarre and potentially dangerous read, class action? This was the two-pan set in brick color. Beware of new and improved.

The only thing I will use is old and tested like cast iron or stainless. This was a waste of money. Everything burned and there are scratches and chips all over the skillet. I threw the receipt out, figuring this was a decent purchase. My sister-in-law gave me an aluminum electric skillet and I use it daily. I also bought mine at Wal-Mart. These pans work great for a while — maybe a few weeks, then food sticks like glue and they must be scrubbed to remove the stuck on food.

I was very careful with mine and took very good care of them, only to be very disappointed. It worked fine for a couple weeks. I thought I overheated it because everything started sticking so I bought another one. Just came out of my kitchen having almost thrown my frying pan in the trash!

I was so impressed with the pan.. But after the first 4 or 5 washings, food began sticking worse and worse. Right now I have a pan soaking in the sink with egg crusted on it! I have to scrape it with my nails to get it off. Not worth the money! My first pan work for about 2 months, then started sticking bad and stained. Followed directions for use. Thought it might have been a bad pan. Bought another one and the same thing, lasted about 2 months then started sticking bad and stained.

After reading all these negative comments, will be taking mine back. Have NOT used it yet. Back to the old butter or Crisco the stainless steel or aluminum cookie sheet! Lovely to look at, they work well for a while, but if you ever scorch something like asparagus, broccoli, or anything else, actually you will leave a carbonized layer on the pan, and it will never look the same. We have 5 of these pans all bought at the same time, tho from different stores and it has happened to all of them.

First clue this was a BS product should have been the packaging. The chef is preparing a salad in a skillet! So, it worked like magic — for about 2 or 3 weeks. Within 6 weeks, it lost all its anti-stick abilities, and now is worse than a regular stainless steel pan. And I baby my cookware. I never use metal utensils, and always hand-wash. Walmart should be ashamed for allowing their name associated with this far inferior piece of garbage.

Folks with limited income are trusting Walmart to provide reasonably priced products with good value. This is simply a rip-off. Worked fine first time. But once something over browns or burns they stick from then on.

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Memphis Mansion hat einfach eine besondere Wirkung auf einen Elvis Fan. Wenn dann auch noch so viele Wegbegleiter von Elvis vor Ort sind, überschlägt sich das Herz eines Fans vor Begeisterung: Im eigens für das Event aufgestellten Festzelt wurden diese Gäste zunächst vorgestellt.

Als sie gemeinsam die Bühne betraten, war die Stimmung auf der Stelle elektrisiert! Nach diesem tollen Abend war der mittägliche Programmanfang am nächsten Tag sehr willkommen. Terry Blackwood und The Imperials fügten weitere interessante und lustige Anekdoten über Elvis hinzu und rundeten diese Talk Show mit einer Autogrammstunde ab.

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Die Stimmung war entspannt und fröhlich und wir freuten uns über all diese intensiven Begegnungen. Insgesamt war es ein überaus gelungenes Event, für das wir Henrik Knudsen sehr dankbar sind! Die Organisation war sehr gut durchdacht, der Zeitplan wurde immer eingehalten. Wo nötig wie bei den Autogrammstunden wurde konsequent vorgegangen, sodass jeder seine Chance auf ein Autogramm bekommt. Es gab zwischen den einzelnen Programmpunkten genug Zeit, um sich mit anderen Teilnehmern auszutauschen, sich im Memphis Mansion umzuschauen, das Museum und den Shop zu besuchen, die klassischen US-Autos zu bewundern, die von Liebhabern ausgestellt wurden und vieles mehr.

Ein tolles und sehr authentisches amerikanisches Diner. Zusätzlich konnte man im Vorhinein ein Dinner buchen, das im Festzelt serviert wurde. Dies war mit umgerechnet ca.

Man musste das schöne Memphis Mansion Gelände dadurch überhaupt nicht verlassen. Sie waren am gesamten Wochenende gefühlt greifbar und nicht allzu sehr abgeschirmt von den Fans. Wir sind sicher, dass viele Fans beide Events besucht hätten. Henrik Knudsen hat uns bereits versichert, dass es bei der nächsten Memphis Mansion Garden Party keine Terminkollisionen mehr geben soll.

Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf das nächste Event in Randers und freuen uns, möglichst viele von Euch hier wiederzusehen! Home Biografie Stammbaum Elvis Vorfahren 1. Generation Elvis Vorfahren die 6. Januar und Februar Teil 2: März Teil 3: April bis Mai Teil 4: Mai bis Juni Teil 5: