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Two chubby blonde Welsh Lasses with horrible fake tits on the Topless. FemaleFakeTaxi Welsh lad gets a nice surprise.

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To increase the number of people throughout Wigtownshire that have a clear understanding of how to reuse items and how to use the Community Reuse Centre. By reusing household and other items the carbon savings achieved can be determined by using the carbon calculator. Al'iithnin - Yawm alsabt: We offer a range of services House clearances, removals, fencing and painting. Examples of furniture Sofas. Carbon Calculator Your postcode: Carbon output for Travel: Carbon saving of Furniture: Total Carbon Used kg: Rattlesnake, Diamondback, Sidewinder, Rattler - For the Native American, the indigenous rattlesnake commonly known as the 'rattler', but also as the diamondback or sidewinder is a symbol of potency and fertility.

With a strike as fast as lightning, it has become associated with rain and the act of entering the earth and bringing forth life. It is regarded as the male symbol of creation. It is also a symbol of death and transformation, since its venom has the power to turn life towards death, delivering humans to the edge of one world and to the brink Raven Tattoos - For many of the indigenous people of the Americas, the raven is a powerful animal totem, a protector and spirit guide. He's a shape- shifter and messenger and a symbol of transformation.

Its coal black plumage invokes the void, secrecy, and mystery. But the raven is also a solar symbol. The mythical raven brought the Sun to mankind, and in so doing became a symbol of light. From the earliest times, raven myths tell of its intelligence and concern for humans.

As a powerful spirit guide, the raven is the keeper of secrets. It is associated with the shadowy world of spells and magic Razor Blade - Razor blades, as a tattoo design can symbolize several things, all of them a little "edgy".

A razor blade is sharp, it cuts things, sometimes dubious things, and it has often been used as an instrument of suicide, as in "cutting ones wrists". The Razor Blade, in particular the straight-edge style that were designed to be used as replaceable blades, are a tattoo design that harkens back to a time in the seventies and eighties when such razors were regularly used as drug paraphernalia. A razor blade was used to cut up drugs ranging from marijuana to shaving cocaine crystals into a powder fine enough that it could be smoked or snorted into It is also called the "rebel" or "Dixie" flag, and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" the actual "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag, which used an entirely different design A symbol with a rich and ancient heraldic past, the Welsh Dragon has a fascinating history - just one of the many reasons it makes such a wonderful and powerful tattoo symbol that represents Welsh heritage Religious Tattoos - As long as people have been marking and modifying their physical appearance, there has been a strong spiritual element to the practice of body art and body modification.

Many early tattoos clearly had a cosmic connection and wove early man into the fabric of the larger universe. See the complete Religious Tattoos page here.

Retriever Tattoos - The Golden Retriever is a hallmark of the breed and is described in the standard as "kindly, friendly and confident". They are not "one man dogs" and are generally equally amiable with both strangers and those familiar to them. Their trusting, gentle disposition therefore makes them a poor guard dog.

Any form of unprovoked aggression or hostility towards either people, dogs or other animals, whether in the show ring or community, is completely unacceptable in a Golden Retriever and is not in keeping with the character of the breed The symbolism behind the Sailor's Cross or what is sometimes known as the Rock of Ages, many fold.

Nautical tattooing was rich with designs that had a highly symbolic nature and they were tattoos that were designed to function as specifically amulets and talismans, in other words, they were tattoos rendered for protection. Having the words "Hold Fast" tattooed on your fingers was in the hope that you would never lose your grip while in the rigging high above deck.

Other symbols showed you had Rod of Asclepius Tattoos - The traditional symbol of medicine is the Rod of Asclepius -- a rough hewn rod with a single snake twined around it. The snake symbolizes, through the shedding of its skin, the renewal of life.

Asclepius was a Greek physician who according to legend was the son of Apollo and a mortal. He appears in ancient scripts dated around BC. He was later deified as the God of Healing, and is usually depicted holding a staff with that accompanying single snake. One explanation of the Asclepius symbol would have us believe that the snake was a parasitic worm, a common human affliction in ancient societies, and visible beneath the skin of the abdomen.

A physician would locate the position of the worm, make an incision in Rooster Tattoos - First to announce the dawn of a new day, the rooster is the universal symbol of the rising sun, and of renewal, resurrection and redemption. As the cockerel or 'cock' , it is also a common representative of the male element.

Virile, defender of the flock against intruders, ambitious, curious, self reliant and courageous, the cock may waver however when it comes to making a commitment. Vigilance and courage in declaring the truth have been attributed to the rooster in legends Rooster Chinese Zodiac Symbol Born in , , , , , , , , The Rooster is a hard worker; shrewd and definite in decision making often speaking his mind. Because of this, you tend to seem boastful to others.

You are a dreamer, flashy dresser, and extravagant to an extreme. Born under this sign you should be happy as a restaurant owner, publicist, soldier or world traveler. Rosary Tattoo - The Rosary its name comes from the Latin "rosarium," meaning "crown of roses" , is an important and traditional devotion of the Roman Catholic Church, combining prayer and meditation in sequences of ten "Hail Marys," each sequence being called a decade.

A complete Rosary involves the completion of

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