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Blaze may also refer to some type of mark on a tree. My husband will venture out into the mountains, treasure hunting, while doing what he does best — hiking, exploring, taking photos and just enjoying gods creation.

November 29, 2017

November 27, 2017

Playing Schmovie, "The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films," brought back the same same sense of playfulness and silliness of those brainstorming sessions. You are given a "who" and a "what" card and a movie genre, and your job is to come up with a title to please "the producer" another player who temporarily assumes Spielbergian-like power.

For example, you might have to come up with the title for a comedy featuring a constipated what princess who. Now each player or team tries to come up with a title that will please the producer.

It might be a play on words from an existing title "The Miralax View" , a pun "Prunestruck" , or randomly goofy "The Sovereign Obstruction". Part of the fun is the absolute power of the producer to judge. Somehow, your own contribution always seems the best, but just as in real life, producers come with their own often bad taste.

But please, no whining! Schmovie isn't for everyone, but for the folks who love it are passionate. It works best for folks who can laugh at themselves and be silly. Kids are less inhibited and can compete well. You don't need to be a movie expert, just someone who enjoys wordplay. If you have a hard time coming up with answers, then just make something up and write it down -- you'd be surprised how often the last minute flail ends up a winner.

Although as few as three people can play Schmovie two friends and I had a blast playing , the more the merrier. Schmovie works well with teams, and even combination of singles and teams. The creators of Schmovie, Sara Farber and Bryan Wilson, run a great Facebook page for Schmovie, where they post a new Schmovie six days a week and commenters compete for glory.

Schmovie is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many independent game stores. It's December, so that means the annual Will Shortz's Wonderful World of Words just ended, and once again, we played four terrific word games.

We especially enjoy supporting the products of independent game companies, who have seen many toy stores close and face an uphill battle placing their wares into big-box stores. Our group loved to play KerFlip! It's much faster-paced than most anagram games, but there is still strategy involved. All players must form a word from common tiles: In most rounds of KerFlip! To get rid of unwanted tiles you just sweep them the the bottom of the playing area.

When you are through, one flip of the box and the tiles are automatically retrieved by in an inner box. The first edition of KerFlip! In the second edition, there is only one, and players can choose whether to use the timer or not.

Even if you do, only the slowest player is on the clock after the other players have come up with a word, so no one has to look for the sandtimer to empty while trying to play the game. There are many more features to the game, well documented by the Watch It Play video above. If you like pure word games, I think you'll love KerFlip! Mark Evanier, major domo at the estimable blog, News from Me, recently posted a wonderful link to an interview with a very young David Letterman, in which Letterman alludes to hosting a game show:.

Here, minus the Elvira wraparound is what our group of women saw:. At the time, Family Feud was the hottest show in daytime, and the VP of NBC daytime was looking for a comedian who could create the kind of byplay with contestants that Richard Dawson accomplished on a daily basis. I believe we already had a holding deal with Letterman. Everyone knew he was a great talent and game-show hosting was unlikely to be his ultimate gig. Since we were paying Letterman anyway, why not see if he could fulfill a need for us.

Everyone knew the premise of the show was flimsy: Combined with research indicating that the gameplay itself generated no interest, The Riddlers was destined for oblivion. Daniel Gritzer, at Serious Eats, has done the research, and here it is. The New England Aquarium is a little late to the fair , but the photos are cool. In my first book of Imponderables , we discussed this weighty question. In the almost thirty years since it was written, the theory that the neural pathways for itching are identical to the ones for pain seems to be degenerating.

Now there are scientists doing research and clinics specializing in treating chronic itchiness. The New York Times weighs in A cautionary tale from one of my favorite chefs, Dave Santos. Here is an interview about the trials and tribulations of surviving in NYC and here's a photo-essay that shows you the kind of hours Dave and his staff work. Tonight is the Broadway opening of Beautiful , the musical devoted to the life and songs of Carole King and once-husband and lyricist Gerry Goffin.

Without getting into the merits of the show, which I saw last night, let's just say it makes a strong case for Carole King's brilliance as both a writer and singer. And given the death of the great Phil Everly, I wanted to share another classic song she wrote with Howard Greenfield, "Crying in the Rain":. But listen to Carole King's demo of the song, never meant to be released to the public. It' just as moving:. The fourth and final of the four word games we played has the simplest of rules. If you see this video, you'll be ready to play in under three minutes:.

I was worried that the game was so simple that it wouldn't hold the interest of our word sharks, but two tables played the game for close to two hours straight, foregoing the chance to try another of the games. Sometimes simple is good. WOW is produced by U. Games, a specialist in card games. Instead of burdened with a useless board, WOW is small enough to carry in your pocket, so it's a great travel game for word lovers. And the price is right: Pass-Ack Words, the third of our highlighted word games, is a variant of Password.

In Password, the purpose is to give one-word clues to your partner to get him or her to provide a supplied answer. In Pass-Ack Words, all the clues you give partner must be chosen from a provided list. Doesn't sound very challenging, does it? It might, except for a twist. The clue-givers are not sending clues to their partners, but the opponents. The challenge is to offer clues that won't help your opponent find the right answer, but might help your partner.

Let's use an actual card from the game as an example. Let's say Apple and Orange are playing against Tuna and Mackerel.

Apple and Tuna see that the first answer is OIL , and they are provided with 9 clues:. Apple might decide that there is no way that his opponent, Mackerel, can guess OIL from "corn," but has to consider whether combined with any second clue, whether Orange could guess it properly when it is her turn. At any time, the guessers can get all the given clues read back to them, but sometimes the laundry list just leads to confusion.

Just imagine that you have received these clues: Not so easy to guess OIL, is it? Pass-Ack Words is a terrific party game, suitable for the whole family because the clue list makes it easier for kids to compete. Pass-Ackwards is designed for four players, although you could accommodate a few more by adding a guesser or two to each team.

Imagine the clue to a crossword entry is: Would you be confident? When you are solving a crossword, you usually have crossing answers providing some of the correct letters. But what if there were a game that presented crossword-like clues but the answers were right in front of your face? Of the four board games we played, Oddly Obvious was the game I was most worried about. Would having the answers provided render the game too easy for hardcore word gamers?

I needn't have worried. It turns out that having the answers provided led to many laughs, intense time pressure, and even a genuine challenge. The rules are simple enough that you can be up and running within a couple minutes. Oddly Obvious is great fun. The answers to our puzzlers. A cow with no legs is "ground beef. On Saturday afternoons, we play word games, and the group that selects what we play tries to find newish word-oriented games, especially from smaller game companies.

The rules to Dabble are so simple that you can be up and playing within a few minutes. You pick 20 tiles with one letter and point value on each. With these tiles, you need to make exactly one 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5- and 6-letter word.

Favor Favor cloyingly, with "on Favor follower Favor one side Favor one side, perhaps Favor one side? Favorable Favorable factors Favorable forecast Favorable life insurance Favorable position Favorable sign Favorable time to invest? Fearful feeling Fearful future Fearful of exposure? Feather in Juan's cap? Feather in one's cap Feather packer's job? Shortly get wag Feature in newspaper is great! Feature of and Acr Feature of and Acr Feature of 6 distracts a few in factory Feature of a baby face Feature of a certain pen Feature of a dangerous ci Feature of a Friars Club Feature of a fugue Feature of a girls-only g Feature of a house in the Feature of a Las Vegas "b Feature of a lunar landsc Feature of a manx cat Feature of a May-December Feature of a miter joint Feature of a murder myste Feature of a peacock's ta Feature of a pleasant sum Feature of a smuggler's s Feature of a whale or an Feature of Africa Neum Feature of an acacia tree Feature of an empty house Feature of an essential o Feature of an exit strate Feature of an old-fashion Feature of barley used to make bread Feature of Capri pants Feature of car in Middle East port Feature of Cher or Madonn Feature of Church maybe — new beginning for Italian capital Feature of classical arch Feature of cryptic game?

An ingenue tackles it Feature of depression: Feature of fencing's noisy collapse Feature of five U. Pres Feature of flower power: Feature of Texaco's logo, Feature of the opera Feature of the ancient pa Feature of the Buckingham Feature of the earth Feature of the high churc Feature of the ideal path Feature of the stratosphe Feature of the villain in Feature of TV's "The Fugi Feature of will — something fishy, not quite licit, on reflection?

Feature of wintry weather in Central Europe principally Feature on an official do Feature replaced in four Feature securing old rope Feature someone in debt Feature; appearance Featured singer on Eminem Featured vocalists' selec Features Features before main feat Features found in and Features in many Fra Ange Features in rows, not a single one Features of a country walk perhaps lit up in three directions Features of a face Features of a Martian cos Features of British jazz?

Features of Castilian spe Features of certain Briti Features of g Features of greenhouses Features of hedgehogs Features of homemade came Features of licensed bowling alley: Features space to grow fast Feb Feb.

Fed up over changes involving Union, they won't pay the fees Fed up with Fed up with one blemish Fed up youth's first to resist Fed up, disgruntled Fed-up cry Fed-up person's cry Fed. Federal Communications Co Federal government connec Federal management agcy. Federal Reserve chief Ber Federal Reserve, e. Fee Fee for a freighter Fee for many a doctor's v Fee for the use of a road or bridge Fee for tugboat services Fee levied for each person?

University learner is trapped, giving up Fee-faw-fum Feeble Feeble attempt by friend Feeble in company Feeble joke, ultimately unfunny Feeble person Feeble woman castrated sheep Feeble, as an excuse Feeble, like an old reaper, might you say?

Feeds a crowd Feeds on the farm, maybe Feeds, as pigs Feeds, in the pen Feel Feel angry at show, missing start Feel annoyed about being taken in by children Feel awful Feel bad Feel bad about Feel better about having insurance Feel better by being mean Feel bitter at Feel blindly Feel compassion Feel concern Feel concern about Feel concern is altering part of plant Feel contempt for Feel dejected Feel dejected and listless Feel desire Feel disgust for Feel dizzy Feel eager Feel empathy Feel excited, say Feel feverish Feel fluish Feel free to label start of eighties as second childhood Feel glum about securing second place for racing Feel grateful for increase in value Feel great anger Feel great loathing for Feel great need for Conservative party?

Feel half-grotty before gym lesson Feel hatred for Feel highly embarrassed, Feel ill Feel in need of rest Feel in one's bones Feel inferior?

That's stupid Feel insulted Feel intense cold when out? Stay inside for a long time Feel intense sorrow Feel like Feel like quarreling abou Feel lousy Feel low Feel miserable translating poem Feel nostalgia, e. Feel of a surface Feel one's way around?

Feel regret Feel regret over Feel remorse Feel remorse for Feel repentance for Feel sick Feel sick to some extent, heaving, sailing here? Feel wistful Feel-good times Feel; discernment Feel; name Feeler Feelers Feeling Feeling a nose isn't out of joint Feeling all excited Feeling as if one wants to scratch Feeling bad about head of government upon downfall Feeling bewildered and giddy Feeling bloated Feeling common to language Feeling down Feeling duller at end of term?

Feeling ecstatic, I am joining hospital department Feeling embarrassed Feeling evoked in drama Feeling extremely happy, having reached the North Pole? Feeling fear or anxiety Feeling for the unfortuna Feeling gloomy, say Feeling guilt Feeling guilt over something Feeling Hamlet, say, gives radio exposure Feeling ho-hum Feeling I missed judge's verdict Feeling ill, simply put? Pain regularly piercing Feeling that makes you go Feeling that something has happened before Feeling the effects of No Feeling tied up, as a sto Feeling tired and thirsty having wrapped stool up Feeling transported about New Age Feeling unwell about employment?

Show some sense about that Feeling weak, I intend lifting account limits Feeling well Feeling when called to th Feeling when you're Ac Feeling while reeling Feeling worse Feeling, Italian-style Feelings Feelings of hunger Feelings, informally Feels for Feels a loss Feels answers misplaced about American perception of individuality Feels bad Feels bad about landlords' charges around Home Counties Feels dejected Feels dizzy Feels fluish Feels indignant about Feels lousy Feels of surfaces Feels punk Feels remorse Feels sick Feels sorry for Feels unwell Feelthy stuff Feen-a-mint was one Fees for nominally free services Fees set for law sittings Feet above sea level: Abb Feet — public transport after midnight?

Feet containers Feet in a meter Feet parts Feet per second, e. Fell heavily Fell in, and put to work in large numbers Fell off Fell over close to buffet car Fell precipitately Fell quickly, with "down" Fell sharply? Fell sick with Scotch finally going to head Fell through the cracks?

Feller was upset after row Feller with Teller Feller's call to take leadership from merchant bankers in Bank Feller's targets Feller's warning cry Fellers in the woods? Fellow has more rum and grub Fellow has to go on runs Fellow has to train monkey Fellow having left, festive charm's cultivated one night Fellow in a Johnny M Fellow in a sheltered place Fellow in ballet, say, missing initial provision of money Fellow in criminal activity as one looking for kicks Fellow in Hull getting queen container for perfume Fellow in moral tale is not beyond redemption Fellow injured in a scrum Fellow into crime, pleasure-seeker Fellow is half-rude and cheeky Fellow is holding paper that is in one hundred parts?

Fellow to come to earth - after this? Fellow to make fun of Fellow touring 'backward' city with lawyer's notes to self Fellow trainee takes type of test associated with climbers, say Fellow traveler Fellow troubled by European sea creature Fellow wearing this seen batting - it's ideal for bouncers? Fellow who preaches in a Dartmoor location? Fellow's not finished cuppa Fellow's period behind bars reduced Fellow's place Fellow's worrying about coming out Fellow, bird … nothing to stop them?

Fellows bound hand and fo Fellows clouding royal bishop's senses Fellows hold Yankee back in council Fellows in small river show sign of cold Fellows in TV turning up to Palladium, perhaps Fellows losing money in dark fabric Fellows may receive them Fellows moving around in steamship? FEMA recommendation, brie Female Female achieved success, collecting arts degree Female adviser Female agents receiving praise Female also overturned base Female and male goddess joins together as this?

Female animal almost turned into a male Female animal is back Female antelope Female artist is in Germany advocating for women's rights Female artist's backing cut Female associate embraces current misconception Female attendant Female attendant for a queen Female bacchanalian Female benefactor Female big cat Female bird Female bird always returning full of energy Female birds Female bobcat: Female boxing star in US city Female bringing joy ultimately to boy Female butters Female caught between happiness and ecstasy Female character in The Importance of Being Earnest - optical device Female character in The Rivals who uses words wrongly Female character of enduring quality?

Female charmer of myth Female co-star in "Love C Female companion in "Doct Female confronts male, beginning to threaten firm Female cutting inch of woven fabric Female dancer Female deer Female deity Female demon Female dog losing head in desire Female donkey Female donkeys Female embraced by guy in film, one with conviction?

Female encounters local inhabitant of Helsinki? Female English singer-songwriter, b. Female escort raised charges Female expert in a field Female extremely tactful with island group Female faced being sent back for healthier hot drink?

Female facing malevolent charge Female faking sex now, organ not to be trusted? Female fashion style designed to give an impression of confidence and efficiency Female flock member Female flyers Female follower of Bacchus Female force motivated half of them subsequently Female fowl Female fox Female friend of Fran Female friend of Franco Female friend posed by warm fire, oddly withdrawn Female friend, in France Female from Western state Female G.

Female gametes Female gametes - ova Female garment Female garments Female glowing about top-class trick cyclist Female goat Female golfer who played Female graduate Female graduates Female group making cakes Female group of stars getting regular payments Female hare Female hog Female horse Female horses Female impersonators use Female improv?

Female in a flock Female in a pride Female in ascendant movement up to now Female in France Female in la familia Female in something underground before work that is well above ground level Female in the Wensleydale? Female in woods is crazy, showing no feelings for male Female intransigence? Female is into the kinky behaviour Female Japanese entertainer Female kangaroo Female keeping back beat to contribute Female learnt to play song Female left male lover carrying a torch Female lieutenant going to monarch for protection Female living quarters Female lobster Female marching baton-twirler Female meeting the queen becomes complete Female member of the bar?

Female model let several houses when erected Female monarch Female monologist Female monster Female musician cutting quiet single? It could be her Female name ending Female name suffix Female novelist in same state as 20, we hear Female occupying barn or mansion Female octopi Female octopus Female officer promoted to protect a state Female offspring Female opera star Female oracles Female parent Female patron saint of Ir Female pig Female pigs Female player's cause Female president — one let in by daily help Female prison official Female pronoun Female put on ring turned over in varnish Female quartet welcomed by approving cry in Madrid Female rabbit Female rap trio with the Female relations Female relative Female relative — male different Female relative by marriage Female relatives Female reproductive organ Female rider Female rocker with the 20 Female role in "Chicago" Female rubber?

Female ruler Female ruler, a raider from Scandinavia Female salmon Female scoundrel, say, embracing Duke without much thought Female section of the National Assembly Female servant Female serving the school Female sheep Female sib Female sibling Female singer Female singer almost gets a milkshake Female singer at the orig Female singer who was Gra Female singer's albu Female singers Female singing voice Female soldier accepting line from escort?

Female spider's creation Female sponsor Female spy Female squeeze Female students Female subject of an old song cycle Female suffix Female swallowing measure of beer — courage for game? Female vampire Female vampires Female voice Female W. Female was firm's boss in general Female water sprite - in nude Female whale Female whales Female when given exam is quicker than all the others Female Wiltshire Female with a full-time job who also runs the home and looks after the children?

Female with a showy mate Female with heart of gold in close embrace Female with little weight originally rejected broadcaster Female with new top grade dye Female with unlimited supply of wine? Female writing line in smart gear Female's in poor clothing going round award-winning bay Female's seduced by an ex-taoiseach Female, exhausted, see, temptress first off to have emotional experience Female, first of two ladies in extra large clothing Female, formally Females gathered for drink Females in a cool, periodically wintry, feeling of kinship Females in public service?

Females in the flock Females with pig-tails Females, in feminist writ Feminine Feminine "this," to Brutu Feminine desire to embrace sultanate Feminine ending Feminine fiend Feminine jazz group? Feminine name ending Feminine name suffix Feminine org.

Fencing weapon Fencing weapons Fencing, e. Feodor III's successor as Feodor, e. Fergie's duchy Fergie's ex Fergie, formally Fergus, a fellow that's spoilt his vote? Ferns reproduce with them Ferocious struggle Ferocity Ferrara family name Ferrara ruling family Ferrari competitor Ferrer of "Lili" Ferret cut turnips, perhaps?

Ferret gone, virtually spiralling into hole where downward force acts Ferret look-alike Ferret out Ferret's cousin Ferret's food Ferris Bueller's girlfrie Ferris in film Ferris wheel or bumper ca Ferris wheel site Ferris wheels and such Ferrocyanide pigment Ferry destination from Li Ferry destination, possib Ferry operator Ferry or dinghy Ferry or wherry Ferry river Ferry steamer locale Ferry terminus, maybe Ferry's front Fertile area in 7?

Festive Festive "Animal House" wr Festive candy containers Festive cry Festive entertainment Festive erections - symptom oddly not seen in men Festive event Festive events Festive fair Festive occasion Festive occasions Festive party Festive time Festive treat from black stag in mating season?

Fickle Fickleness Fiction Fiction about money being something that grows on trees Fiction collection Fiction enthusiast? Fiction from women these days being overlooked Fiction genre Fiction teller Fiction writer Fiction writer's problem? Fiction's opposite Fictional "Mr. Fiddle in the morning at 1 Fiddle made from metal by royal couple Fiddle not half inspiring difficult child - that's the effect of music!

I intend to be devious and vague Field Field - expanse Field - kingdom Field and others Field and track sports Field athlete Field barrier Field call Field calls Field cover Field covers Field creature living on sheep escaped Field day contest Field divs.

Field enclosure Field event Field event one's put up on review Field fare, briefly Field for a fault-finder? Field for a gov. Field for an engr. Field hospital sight Field hospital under pressure in dry setting Field illegal regular members Field in America very muddy at first Field in direct line of castle gate Field in spring, cut Field in which things are Field manager?

Field marshal in explosively gory moment Field Marshal Rommel Field marshal? Field of expertise Field of field workers: A Field of flowers? Field of study Field of unknowns? Field of work Field opening Field opening?

Field part Field protector Field protectors Field ration, for short Field reporter: Field size, maybe Field soldier under spiritual guidance - miserable wretch Field stars Field stats Field team Field team from Spain in the first half Field that may include 36 Field tools Field trip destination Field trips Field unit Field used for hay Field utensils Field with bases Field with unknowns Field work Field work that was award Field worker Field yield Field's pair Field-specific vocabulary Fielder caught a few balls Fielder that's a victim of icy conditions?

Fielder's aid Fielder's call Fielder's cry Fielders starting to come in soon, since stupid 'bad' declaration? Fielders' choices Fielding and Menotti titl Fielding brother Fielding position Fielding practice ball Fielding's last novel Fielding's wanton, no-good heathen Fields Fields are measured in th Fields for making hay Fields of activity Fields of comedy Fields of Hollywood Fields of operations Fieldsian expletive Fieldworkers' items Fiend Fiend Fiend of dreams Fiendish Fiendish foxtrot gives way to tango from within Fiendish types in Slough on the rampage Fiendishness Fiends Fiends of fantasy Fiends' faces Fiennes of stage and scre Fierce argument Fierce character in newspaper probing academic Fierce creature concerning foolish man when rearing Fierce female academic limits students' fun Fierce female feline Fierce fighter Fierce fish Fierce giant Fierce military action Fierce one Fierce sort, astrological Fierce type, astrological Fierce woman Fierce women e.

Fifth of twelve Fifth pillar of Islam Fifth qtrs. Fifth- or sixth-grader Fifth-anniversary gift Fifth-century BC founder of an Asian religious philosophy Fifth-century canonized p Fifth-century capital of Fifth-century date Fifth-century emperor rem Fifth-century invader Fifth-century invader of Fifth-century pope Fifth-century pope called Fifth-century pope who wa Fifth-century pope, the f Fifth-century scourge Fifth-century warrior Fifth-year exams at Hogwa Fifties revival group Fifty ejected from Tallin bus travelling in foreign capital Fifty involved in perverted lathering session that goes on until dawn Fifty little things charged up with pride?

Fifty minutes past Fifty minutes past the ho Fifty per cent Fifty savages destroyed US city Fifty Shades-type behaviour an unwelcome sight in the bedroom Fifty sheep in English market town Fifty snakes - and their partners Fifty times Scotsman's hugged African Fifty-fifty Fifty-one doctors appear to be members Fifty-one line up endlessly on right for a drink Fifty-one, competent and responsible Fig or fir Fig.

Fight reminder Fight roughly, getting head knocked off Fight settlers Fight shortener, for shor Fight site Fight site: Fight statute left in much of team sport Fight stopper Fight stopper, at times Fight stopper, briefly Fight that might include Fight that's less than a Fight to keep the faith Fight to keep the NHS so? Fight to protect one's property Fight to secure uncapped post and monetary relief Fight to trim bottom in health resort Fight venues Fight with Fight, argument Fight, but not all-out Fight, but not for real Fight, disagreement Fight, getting fired up, packing knife Fight, or quickly drop to the ground for cover Fighter Fighter - bully Fighter at Chancellorsvil Fighter at Vicksburg Fighter — rues rib Fighter boxing first for title, money and action, of course Fighter doctored torn receipt Fighter expected to join fifty on register Fighter for Jeff Davis Fighter grabs large rope Fighter happy he had that woman picked up in Bow?

Fighter having rent trouble Fighter in gray Fighter in old strips Fighter in the "Iliad" Fighter jets might be in Fighter of the Sioux Fighter pilot Fighter pilot Edward for Fighter pilots Fighter ran with a stick raised Fighter sounds like a burly sort Fighter to study the alternative Fighter with a shuffle Fighter with Fidel Fighter with horns Fighter's day off? Yes - off work! Fighter's weak spot Fighters at Lexington Fighters for Jeff Davis Fighters in green Fighters initially getting in line to join terrorists in places Fighters make money kidnapping landed American son Fighters' org.

Fighting Fighting animal volunteers upset leader Fighting axe Fighting bird Fighting blades Fighting bull Fighting disrupts work meeting in cave Fighting dogs? Fighting faction holding line after period of inactivity Fighting fighting Fighting force Fighting force always includes Royal Marines Fighting force trained by Fighting greatened English decline Fighting hard Fighting in a ring Fighting in island capital not good for a PC Fighting it out Fighting mad Fighting opponent?

Fighting proceedings in court Fighting rooster Fighting something, say Fighting Tigers' sch. Fighting to swallow iron biscuit! Fighting units that could become scared Fighting with punches Fighting witnessed in European capital Fighting words Fighting words?

Doctor having one put in bed Fights Fights again Fights construction work in present place Fights dirty, in a way Fights waste Fights with Fights with knights Fights with, in the hills Figment of the imaginatio Figs. Peter's Bas Figure at State U Figure at una corrida Figure childishly drawn - staff supporting criticism Figure cup result is unusual Figure depicted in une Figure described by the f Figure drinking first of sherries, dry Figure enhancer Figure everyone can see boarding express Figure fashioned from dou Figure for negotiation Figure former educational establishment has almost disappeared Figure in "Lost Horizon" Figure in "The Lion, the Figure in a 50's scandal Figure in a bust Figure in a Leonardo mura Figure in a math function Figure in a murder myster Figure in a pickup line?

Figure of many a Mayan de Figure of old boy standing by pine? Figure of speech Figure of speech beginning to tickle Guy? Figure of speech in my jotting picked up by Member Figure of speech in poet's last line Figure of speech joining contradictory terms Figure of speech like "no Figure of speech using contradictory terms Figure of speech? Figure taking off in The Doctor, then want sci-fi film Figure that shares a prop Figure that's beyond a minority? Figure that's squared in Figure usu. Figures Figures above a line Figures advocate of government power is keeping constant Figures at a pileup Figures at many a wedding Figures ending many price Figures for poker players Figures in a ring related to an area?

Figures in detective fict Figures in geometry Figures in Hinduism Figures in major-league b Figures in statistics Figures in tables Figures in various phases Figures of speech? Figures on ancestral houses echoing quality Figures on Pharaohs' head Figures on poles Figures on some Egyptian Figures on the ceiling of Figures out Figures out intuitively Figures shown in red Figures sold at auction houses Figures to be analyzed Figures to be maintained?

Figures watched at night? Figures writer must be out of range Figures, informally Figuring something out Figuring-out shout Fiji competitor Fiji rival Filament Filament growing from the skin Filament holder Filament's organ Filaments' structures Filbert Filbert, e. Filing awaited from Trump to challenge court action? Filing facilitator Filing org. Filling material Filling pro, for short Filling stations? Filling yarn Fills Fills all the seats for Fills in Fills in for an actor?

Fills in holes Fills the cracks Fills the hold Fills to almost overflowi Fills to the gills Fills undies with bit of radish as stuffing Fills up Fills with wonder Fills, as black squares Fills, as cracks between Filly Filly: Film about English group of high-fliers Film about graduates recalling construction of canal Film about how to win a M Film about one seaman recalled such as Captain Hook?

Film about Saint Alban transformed the state of Hollywood Film about teeth Film about the Statue of Film abuse in Hollywood Film actor Film actor Albert Film actors entertaining fashionable eastern movie buff Film again before breaking guitar's last string Film and sport broadcast about pots made here Film article one lecturer is selling online?

Film — director's first — that is difficult to follow Film barbarian, tense, seizing child's letter Film blocked by agreement distributed in error Film board member Film bomb of Film box datum Film brand Film bride wiping bottom? Film buff Film buff's channel Film cable inits. Film cartoon with the voi Film character known for Film character played by Film character who actual Film character who lives Film character who says " Film classic of Film co. Wrong Film featuring sailor, unknown soldier, ambassador and primate stuck on island Film featuring Slinky Dog Film feline Film festival film, often Film festival name since Film festival site Film figure with fangs, f Film fill-in Film fish Film flaw Film flop of Film foe of Boba Fett Film follower Film for adults only, once, mother sneaking daughter in at the front Film format for domed the Film format sometimes in Film fragment Film frame Film genre Film heptad Film holder Film horrible short adult that's incontinent Film host in boudoir?

Right Film news and how it breaks Film no. Film noir feature Film noir, e. Film not made by a Hollyw Film obscene act Film oddly ignored pursuing charge admitted by London area leader of Hell's Angels Film of artist at home on island Film of current affairs Film of sailor hiding pupil in 1D Film on ponds Film on revolutionary Lavoisier, perhaps?

Film showing Film showing 14's definitive response to difficult 19D? Film showing for V. Tarzan Film shows military leader taking over less than half of Vietnam Film snippets Film special effects, bri Film special effects, for Film speed no. Film spool Film spools Film star Flynn Film star getting short romantic missive with love Film star who played Film star who played D Film star who played A Film starring 47A with a Film starring Elliott Gou Film statistic Film stock Film studio department Film studio locale Film studio spearheaded b Film studio stock Film studio that made "Je Film style Film system with an extra Film technique Film technique, for short Film terrible art with no merit Film terrier Film that's been speechif Film theatre Film title kvetch?

Film unit Film units Film used for recording t Film using part of gypsy chorus? Film with female actor as cowboy? Amistad Film-maker does not broadcast in Glasgow Film-maker's shot a scene with it Film-rating org. Pascal discarded two drinks endlessly Filter-feeder fish Filtered Filtered stuff Filth Filth around capital in Louisiana, live American strip Filthiness Filthy Filthy carbuncle annoys nurses Filthy comedy act?

Filthy hound in a film Filthy lucre Filthy money? Final administrators Final appearance of US actress - good! Final customer of The Bull, for example, that was captured by Da Vinci Final decision Final defensive effort Final demand Final drink Gaelic ; coda nourished anagram Final ending, in England Final entry in diary dated soon, Brexit primarily catastrophic Final episode not changed showing stubbornness Final exam for students at secondary school Final exam giver?

Final fight Final figure Final finish? Final Four letters Final Four org. Final military order received - is mission pared down? Final offers Final order Final part getting house in order Final part of instruction Final participants Final performance Final period distressed aged men Final phase, in which top mark is obtained Final pieces in the Guardian puzzles you solve come after some time Final portion Final preceder Final precursor Final proposals Final provocation Final resting place built Final resting place in Bath, when injured in action Final section of T.

El Final showing Final sign of a highway h Final stage Final stage of play Final stage, in chess Final stages Final stages of a chess match Final strains in furious duel between Poles Final straw Final stroke Final taker, e.

Final, after a time Final, as a deal Final, e. Final, maybe Final, say Final: Finale Finale of a sort Finale of many plays: Finally abridged book of maps Finally accept Finally acclaim own Scottish chief Finally adopt suit for cultural activities Finally become nurse to May's new pals Finally buy beer in university Finally crash via fall of fifty per cent Finally cut world record?

Finally did thus having swilled beer previously? Finally found beneath tea leaves Finally get you, spineless as usual, inside fight Finally grasping English, if nothing else Finally in town at foot of mountains Finally learned Finally lose black bishop, fall away Finally makes good on a d Finally obtaining foreign currency is splendid Finally passes Brownie test in navel-gazing Finally plays in long grass Finally reached, with "in Finally roaming free in Cameroon, retiring animal of the desert Finally settle Finally shout like a crazy, not silent Finally starting to understand ultimate reality?

Finally take this long garment and slip off? Finally the underworld's up-front - it's in a dark place Finally turned to Finally understands, with Finally understood Finally wave bye-bye and go out Finally went and acted after taking tablet Finally!

Music diva learns perfect pitch Finally, "Hi ho Silver" before the charge! Finally, ball is placed on spot Finally, Standard and Poor's reversed decline Finally, Torquay United promoted, sparkling in the morning? Finally, you can afford to disengage Finals preceder Finan.

Thanks for visiting The Crossword Solver. We hope that you find the site useful. Regards, The Crossword Solver Team. More clues you might be interested in formidable finding fault having few worries Grace euphoria dance intimidating succinct hold tightly particular food fish crowd fortune onslaught hoard burrowing rodent jargon of lawyers talk act of retaliation plunder caution extensive unbroken view vitality afternoon dawdler pant type of dance blue-black fruit scottish city marriage.

Socially awkward type 4. Person without social skills informal 4. Student lacking socially 4. Almost any character on "The Big Bang Theory" 4.

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