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Supra MK3 "fallert" Umbau?

The later second generation engines had this problem fixed and in Japan there was actually a recall in order to repair the first generation engines, though that does not apply to 1JZs imported to other countries.

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The core design utilizes vertical flow technology, which is proven to outperform standard horizontal flow intercooler configuration - much like the design found on the Nissan GT-R.

The intercooler features CAD designed casted endtanks engineered for optimal flow and efficiency while minimizing pressure drop and ensuring maximum long-term reliability.

Are the intercooler tubes welded together? Some sections of the intercooler tubes are welded together. To ensure maximum flow, all of the intercooler tube bends are done with a mandrel bending process and we control the quality of the bends and limit the number of bends required, maximizing power.

Mandrel bending is a process in which the full diameter of the pipe is retained when it is bent vs. In Mandrel bending there is a minimal distance between bend radi. This occasionally leads to bends which are too close to other bends, therefore requiring welding and ensuring the full diameter of the pipe is retained.

Explain the air filter placement Keeping our focus on a true OEM style kit without relocating any OEM parts, we strived to keep the washer reservoirs and other stock components in place. What are the exhaust manifolds made of? Cast stainless steel and CNC machined for flanged surfaces for a leak free, powerful and reliable exhaust system.

What type of exhaust housing is used? Will the wastegate be recirculated back into the system? Yes, since the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers feature an OEM style internal wastegate it will internally within the turbocharger itself recirculate back into the system for maximum power. Unlike other turbocharger systems on the market which use an external wastegate, by using the proven BorgWarner OEM style turbocharger setup you will eliminate boost creep issues.

The integrated internal wastegate also saves weight, improves reliability, decreases pesky leaks associated with external wastegate setups, and decreases installation trouble when trying to pipe the external wastegate back into the system.

Will this system come with an electronic boost controller? No, this will be an optional upgrade, but the installer will have the ability to initially configure the setup between psi on average using the integrated wastegate actuators. The boost level will vary depending on which exhaust system your car has. This helps reduce the need for a boost controller, simplifying installation and reducing overall cost.

What if I want to run more boost pressure PSI? The installer will have the ability to configure the wastegate actuators between PSI on average. The boost level your car will initially run depends on what exhaust system you have. If you have a stock exhaust system you will run between psi. If you have a very high flowing exhaust system ie. For those who are interested in using an aftermarket boost controller or who may already own one, the BorgWarner turbochargers do allow for the use of an electronic boost controller and configuring the boost controller as you would on any turbocharged system.

We recommend a boost controller with both positive and negative boost offset adjustments. What size are the silicone couplers? We only use high thermal protective reinforced 4-ply silicone for maximum reliability.

Will this system be compatible with aftermarket cat back systems? We cannot speak for ALL of the aftermarket cat back systems available on the market, but we can say since this turbocharger system features OEM style fitment and is designed to mate with the OEM system it will be compatible with the majority of all high quality cat back systems including our own AAM Competition Z 2.

Ok - sorry for the sales plug here. Which turbochargers are used in the system? These proven turbochargers utilize stronger OEM grade materials and have special design considerations such as purpose deigned internal wastegate, integrated recirculation CRV valve and a titanium aluminide Gamma-TI turbine wheel. This simplifies the overall installation and setup of the turbocharger system which contributes to their superior performance and superior reliability of the turbocharger system itself.

These integrated features also help to justify the higher cost of these turbochargers and provide our customers with an extremely reliable, high power turbocharger system. Can the stock crash bar be kept with the turbocharger system?

We have designed this kit as OEM "friendly" as possible. The stock crash bar is fully retained and no modification is needed to this critical safety-engineered component.

Will I be required to drill or tap the cylinder head or upper oil pan? Absolutely not - this would be counterproductive to our OEM style fitment. Other forced induction kits require this which can adversely affect the reliability of your vehicle and create many installation headaches.

This was one of our major considerations when developing this kit and it required many hours of CAD development from our engineering team to successfully accomplish. Development hours well spent if you ask us. Does the factory steering system remain intact? It most certainly does, as well as the factory power steering system.

Again - major considerations we had when developing this kit to feature an OEM level of fitment and retain maximum reliability in these areas. Will I need to remove this turbocharger system for a clutch job? You do NOT have to remove the turbocharger system for a clutch job. Are you starting to see a trend here? Will this system impact the "area under the curve"? I'll let you guess You are correct - since this is an OEM style fitment focusing on drivability there will be no impact to the "area under the curve".

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