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The Best 6 Person Tent Reviews

A 6-person tent is a lucky number for most of the average families and not only that; it sure is the average size that will fit your camping needs.

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As a freedom-loving company, we not only develop and create innovative and multifunctional products, but we also promote a simple outdoor way of life. We want to capture moments of nature, discover new trails, experience the adventure. That inspires us and motivates us daily.

With our multifunctional products we want to make these adventures as easy as possible. This philosophy comes through in our brand and products. The technically innovative and patented functional design is based on the simplistic function of throw tents and allows for easy and quick setup. An additional highlight, the underquilt is equipped with a hood. This allows you to use it as a parka too.

We place high importance on quality of our materials and workmanship. Design by sternenklar gmbh. If ever you need a larger tent, you could buy 2 sets of the 6-person capacity tent to accommodate all unexpected guess for the price equivalent to one larger tent, as we have pointed out. You could have more privacy and space you need during camping. Take a glance on some information on the 5 best products on this category where you could compare the features, designs, materials, durability and quality of each.

It could not be easily toppled by incoming wind especially on high altitude camp sites. The tent is basically for 6-man hunting, mountain-climbing groups or whatever your purpose for outdoor sports. The windows have screen mesh to add ventilation and keep insects away. The tent has built-in electrical ports that you could utilize if you have power source. The Coleman Sundome tent is highly recommended for the extreme adventure fanatics who want to spend outdoor fun longer and not only for an overnight stay.

This tent has sq. Suitable for family car camping, the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-person tent has screened windows to keep air flows continuously by means of its built-in Variflow adjustable ventilation system. The tent could be set-up and taken down in just minutes because of its color-coded poles that make these activities easy and effortless. If your family and friends want to bond together in different environmental setting near the wonders of nature, this product is a must for you.

The Wenzel Evergreen Tent could be separated into two well-ventilated rooms while its Weather Armor polyester fabric is coated with polyurethane and is highly resistant to any weather and virtually waterproof. All of these are combined with mesh roof creating cooler air that runs through the interior of the tent anytime of the day while in the evening, fresh air continues to circulate within, enhancing comfortable and breezy condition inside.

The versatility of this tent is truly becoming a necessity for the adventurous families. It has 4 poles with varying diameters made in durable and strong aluminum shock-corded that could withstand high velocity wind. The variation in pole diameters makes the frames expand to a spacious room and maximizes the effective space. The surface area provides, all of 80 sq. This tent is suitable for campgrounds, short trips and some backpacking. The busy family will certainly have a tremendous time utilizing this tent even every weekend.

Buying this product is a must for adventure-hungry family. It is considered one of the most reliable products on its category. The tent has a floor area of The tent is conducive to all seasons which have room for dining and relaxation other than the sleeping quarter. Buying this tent will give your family the great experience of a lifetime.

Choosing between tents with smaller or larger capacities against 6-person tents is made easily by our worthwhile analysis of different models from different manufacturers. You could surely rely on this article as we have reliable sources ranging from honest reviews and information from various users who have made the purchase online.

A 6-person tent is a lucky number for most of the average families and not only that; it sure is the average size that will fit your camping needs. Coleman Sundome 6-Person Dome Tent. Wenzel Evergreen Tent - 6 Person. Who needs a 6-person tent?

When is a 6-person tent smaller or larger? Comparing 6-person size tents to other sizes. Pros and cons of 6-person tent against smaller and larger tents. We have these reasons why a 6-person tent is better than smaller and larger capacities: More affordable compared to larger tents. The p rice of two 6-person tent is almost the same as larger ones You could buy two 6 person tent instead of one larger ones for almost the same price, enabling more people to enjoy the comfort.

Privacy is more assured. Better during short trips. More comfortable than smaller tents. Best for use than smaller unit when unexpected companions showed up. Best for couples with lot of gears. Could withstand high velocity wind better than the smaller and larger tents. Not advisable for heavy snow fall. Price slightly higher than smaller units.