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Facade of this recently completed scheme is inspired by former Ganada Studios located on this site. KKA delivered architectural and interior design services for this new city landmark. KKAA are currently developing proposals for the complete redevelopment of two racecourses. This involves the strategic review of the racing and events infrastructure based around improving the racegoer experience, hospitality offering and day a year business case.

KKA have considerable experience and a well-established track record in modular construction and design. The document very much represents the beginners guide to volumetric modular construction aimed at giving readers a taste for the basic principles hopefully providing sufficient enticement for clients and contractors alike to seek more detailed advice and suitable development opportunities. KKA Architecture were asked to consider the design of a cruise liner terminal at the site of the former Princes Jetty creating the opportunity for a world class landmark building.

Elements of naval architecture and shipbuilding are easily apparent in the external form as well as visual references associated with the rhythm and kinetics of the ocean. KKA were commissioned with regard to the redevelopment of areas at the Pier Head and the extension of the existing landing stage to facilitate a long-standing objective of making Liverpool city centre a destination and embarkation point for Cruise Vessels.

The principle building components are clearly expressed, identified and unified in a clear visual statement which provides a distinctive gateway into the city of Liverpool. The Twelve Quays river terminal at Birkenhead provides passenger and freight facilities for ferry sailings to Belfast and Dublin. KKA were involved in the strategic planning of the whole site and the design of all associated terminal buildings. The proposal was derived from a response to site, setting and context; the primary internal spaces have been stretched out horizontally to enable every key space to interact with the principal south west aspect overlooking the coast and horizon.

The materiality and appearance are derived from the local vernacular and are intended to respond to the sites rural context. Planning permission was finally granted following months of intense negotiation with the Environmental Agency due to the location of Sandy Brook on the eastern side of the site, whilst a habitat survey identified the presence of water vole in the bank.

The development embraces the authenticity and character of Anfield, reflect the ambition and aspirations of the club and expanded stadium, activate the new fan zone and significantly enhance the quality of the public realm and surrounding environment. The design seeks to deliver an architectural solution that has a sporting character, provides a forward thinking image for the football club and is sensitive to the rural context and setting. The facility has a low profile and the lower levels are concealed through manipulation of site levels and landscaped embankments.

Gorse Hill is a private residential dwelling in a spectacular location which has just received full planning permission form North Devon Council. Recently completed Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham is shaped but difficult site constraints. The development will embrace the authenticity and character of Anfield….

KKA submit proposals for the next phase of redevelopment at Newbury Racecourse comprising new facilities and landscaping focused on improving the racing experience. Latest News Work on new aircraft loading bay to allow work to continue in strong winds is to start this month at the Airbus wing-making factory in Flintshire.

About Sort by Sector Contact. Newbury Racecourse Entrance Building. Princes Dock, Liverpool Read More. East Road Catering Facility. Rathbones Offices Newcastle Upon Tyne. Lever House Refurbishment Port Sunlight.

Diving Centre, Collingwood Dock. Willow Centre for Dementia Patients. Drop in Centre, Bacup. London City Airport Courtyard by Marriott. One Call Stadium Development. Mansfield currently in development.

Hilton Garden Inn Royal Windsor. Royal Windsor Racecourse Currently in planning determination. Hilton Garden Inn Anfield. Holiday Inn Express Birmingham. The buds renew themselves every ten days to two weeks. Most of our cells that last a lifetime are found in the brain, explains John Wadley, consultant neurosurgeon at Barts and the London Hospital.

In fact, we actually lose cells, which is the underlying reason for dementia and why head injuries are so devastating. Until recently it was thought the heart couldn't renew itself. The cells in the lungs constantly renew themselves, explains Dr Keith Prowse, vice-president of the British Lung Foundation. However, the lungs contain different cells that renew at different rates.

The lung disease emphysema can prevent this regeneration as it begins with the destruction of the alveoli, which creates permanent 'holes' in the walls of the lungs. The only part that is constantly being renewed is the cornea, the transparent top layer. If this is damaged, it can recover in as little as 24 hours, says Dr Rob Hogan, president of the College of Optometrists.

That's why the cells renew themselves so quickly. The epidermis or surface layer of the skin is renewed every two to four weeks. This rapid turnover occurs because skin is the body's outer protection and is exposed to injury as well as pollution. Despite this constant renewal, we still get wrinkles as we get older. The skeleton is constantly replacing itself, explains Dr Peter Selby, an osteoporosis expert based at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Old bone is broken down by cells called osteoclasts and replaced by bone-building cells known as osteoblasts.

At any one time we have a mixture of old and new bone as the turnover rates differ throughout the body. But when we hit middle age this renewal process slows down, so our bones tend to get thinner, which is why osteoporosis sets in. They have a very high turnover rate and can be replaced every two to three days, explains Tom MacDonald, professor of immunology at Barts and the London Medical School.

This is because they are constantly exposed to chemicals such as highly corrosive stomach acid that breaks down food, so they're constantly under attack. Our nails are made of cells rich in a tough protein called keratin.

Fingernails grow by 3. Meanwhile, it takes ten months for a full toenail to grow, but only six months for a fingernail. This may be because they have a better blood supply and therefore better circulation. The nails of younger people and men grow faster, which may also be because they have better circulation.

Bizarrely, the little finger nail grows much more slowly than other fingernails, although it's not clear why.

Generally speaking, the growth rate of nails also depends on age and conditions such as psoriasis, which can affect the tissue from which the nail grows. They wear out every four months, after which the liver removes any remaining iron that is needed for healthy red blood cells before the remaining cell is destroyed in the spleen.

The age of your hair depends on how long it is, but it generally grows 1cm each month, explains hair restoration surgeon Dr Bessam Farjo. Each individual hair lasts up to six years in women and three years in men. Eyebrows and eyelashes are renewed every six to eight weeks, but repeatedly plucking brows stops them growing because it disrupts this cycle. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Tuesday, Sep 11th 5-Day Forecast. Rare and candid collection of images show a solemn President George W. Believe it or not, your lungs are six weeks old - and your taste buds just ten days! So how old is the rest of your body? Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: NYPD cop, 28, who still lives with his parents sues after Michael Moore takes away mic from David Hogg after teen Fury over 'beheading' art exhibition where the public Kimberly Guilfoyle calls Don Jr 'Big Trump could start attacking disgraced former aide Rob Owner of roadside cafe called Nice Baps who has turned SAS reservist was found dead 'sitting upright with his Woman, 62, is killed after car crashes into broken-down Jeffrey Dahmer's temple of skulls: United Airlines passengers are stunned when pilot changes Middle-aged British man is shot dead by police on the

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